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Zamane Coffee

Release Date: 17-01-2011
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I was invited to Nişantaşı Zamane Coffee last Wednesday. Ms. Oya greeted me there, I spent a wonderful few hours with her warm conversation and delicious presentations. I especially enjoyed the arugula salad with grilled goat cheese, Sarıyer pastry and crispy chicken wrap.
When I saw the Macaron tower, an indescribable happiness came over me. If I were Alice, I could only get this close to wonderland.

time coffee
I know trying new things is hard for all of us. Our time is precious, but we have the right to listen a little. Time is a bit enjoyable because of this…

Of course, while I was wandering around to take photos, I did not miss the fact that Zamane employees established a deep bond with the regulars of the place and hosted them as if they were the owners of the place rather than the customers.

While Zamane Kahvesi appeals to everyone from 7 to 70, it has brought a different breath to the trend coffee chain concept of recent years with modern touches.

Designed as a contemporary interpretation of traditional Anatolian coffeehouses, Zamane Kahvesi has been brought to life on fine details from its distinctive decoration to its special menu.

The menu of Zamane Kahvesi has also been created in accordance with the ambiance of the place. In addition to delicious cake and dessert alternatives such as Gum Cheesecake, Kazandibi, Rice Pudding, Pyramid Cake, Piece Chocolate Cake, Pumpkin Cheesecake, Eclairs displayed in the cupboard at the entrance of the venue, Macaron, Chocolate Fondue, Waffle, Mexican and Beyoğlu chocolates are offered to customers.

The cafe's stunning, wide range of chocolates and desserts are complemented by light snacks, fresh salads, sandwiches, pastas, ice cream and cup alternatives, and a variety of coffee and tea options.

A wonderful combination of the cool taste of ice cream and hot quince, quince closure, hot cake with Turkish coffee (I think Zamane Cake), which draws attention with its presentation as well as its taste, pancakes, cracker kebab, bagel toast, flavors on rice are among the specialties of Zamane Kahvesi as modernized traditional flavors. . "Healing Tea" served with honey and sherbet varieties, which will be especially popular in the winter months, are worth tasting.

Another application of Zamane Kahvesi is the “Hot Hour” application, which is repeated two or three times a day. Freshly baked pastries (especially Sarıyer Böreği), sweet and salty cookies, and freshly brewed tea are circulated on hanging trays, allowing these insatiable delicacies to be tasted fresh and warm.

Offering different tastes to those who start the day with menemen, omelette, fried egg alternatives and a rich breakfast menu on the tiles, Zamane Kahvesi will be indispensable for those who want to keep in shape with detox drinks prepared with fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

For me, it is a different source of happiness that they reveal their coffee cup collections one by one.

I would definitely recommend that you stop by if you happen to be on your way.


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