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11 Different Appetizer Recipes for Christmas Tables

Release Date: 23-12-2018
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Appetizers are definitely the best alternative to enjoy a long table and accompany sweet conversations. I can't say that I have a certain favorite among the appetizers that are easy to make, pleasant to serve and add color to the table presentation, but it is a fact that I love all of them very much.

christmas recipes

Among the appetizers prepared with yogurt, tomato sauce, cheese, mayonnaise or olive oil. on your christmas table I have listed the recipes below that I think will make a difference. I hope you will like it :)

I have prepared plenty of lists to give you ideas until the New Year. Stay tuned!

Already happy new year!

Lemon Thyme Cheese Paste

If you like fresh flavors, this appetizer is for you. Click on the picture above to get the recipe for the appetizer that combines lemon flavors with cheese.

Pumpkin Sauteed

Have you ever thought that pumpkin, which is abundant at this time of year, can be an appetizer? If you haven't thought about it, you should definitely try it. Click on the image above to get the recipe.

Cauliflower Hummus

You should try cauliflower, one of the favorites of the winter months, in this way. Click on the picture above to try cauliflower hummus, which is very similar to the classic hummus recipe made with chickpeas and is just as delicious, and to get the recipe.

Carrot Celery Salad

You can also use celery, one of the most valuable vegetables in winter, as an appetizer. Here is the recipe for the appetizer that comes together with carrots and yoghurt.

Wheat Salad with Yoghurt

Are you one of those who love wheat recipes :) If you are a fan of anything with wheat in it like me, click on the photo to get the recipe for this side dish appetizer.

Dry Roasted Eggplant

One of the recipes I love to taste, if you have dry eggplant at home, you can try and surprise your guests :) Click on the photo to get the recipe for the appetizer.


Seafood Artichoke with Olive Oil

One of the most tried and loved recipes since I cooked it is Sea Coconut Artichoke. The harmony of the two flavors is amazing. Click on the photo to get the recipe for the appetizer.


Pepper Oyster Mushrooms

It is actually very easy to prepare and serve oyster mushrooms, one of the most delicious mushrooms. Especially when you choose the right flavors that will bring out its taste, it turns into a complete feast. You can find the recipe I prepared with pepper and garlic here.

Kopoglu Salad

Köpoğlu salad, prepared with eggplant, tomato and yogurt, is a slightly different version of roasted eggplant salad. You can find the details of the salad, which you can make changes according to your taste, here.

Crete Crush

Prepared with the dominance of walnuts and cheese, Crete Ezme is one of my favorite appetizers. Click on the photo to get the recipe for the appetizer, which you can color with different spices and maybe almonds and pistachios like me.

Kidney Bean Paste

If you like the classic red bean stew, you can definitely bring the red bean paste to your New Year's table. If you want a recipe that guarantees stylish service at the table, you can click on the photo :)

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