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Summer Special Holiday Desserts

Release Date: 17-08-2012
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There are exactly 2 days left until the holiday and we started to think about what dessert we should make to serve in this hot weather.

It can be a bit of a stunner for the body coming out of fasting to meet with food and dessert at once. Considering that the weather is hot, I think it is best to prepare light and refreshing desserts.

But there is also that, no matter what happens, most of us will not be able to stand it and will start preparing baklava :)

summer sweets

For this reason, I have prepared a Top 10 list of both milk and sorbet desserts.

Today I will prepare rose dessert. I guess I'll add the recipe for it tomorrow.


Semolina dessert

Etimek Dessert

Grand Vizier Turkish Delight

Revani with Ice Cream and Orange

Orange Jelly Custard

Kadayif with pudding

Fındıkpare with Ice Cream

Cherry Rusk Dessert

Milk Kadayif Dessert

Apple Milk Dessert

Burmese Baklava

Yogurt Dessert

Practical Home Baklava

Stuffed Kadayif Wrap

Lady Belly Dessert

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