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Hairstyles That Will Look Like Medicine in Summer Heat

Release Date: 09-07-2012
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We received very good comments on the article I wrote about hair coloring recently. While I was writing about hair, I thought I'd continue. I'm one of those who shave their hair in the summer. My wavy hair swells up no matter how much I blow dry from the humidity and heat in the summer. Since I have already started taking a shower twice a day, blow-drying my hair in that heat is nothing more than torturing myself for a few hours. When I leave my hair alone, I get overwhelmed by the heat and it stays on its own for 2 minutes before I collect it silly. When I get out of the sea-pool on vacation or on a small getaway, I am confused about what to do with my hair. Summer has come, weddings have increased, but open hairstyles are getting ridiculous from the heat. Sprays sprayed on the hair, foams, etc. are starting to feel very uncomfortable due to the heat. In short, I am in trouble with my hair in the summer. I am also aware that I am not alone. I would like to share with you the solutions I found myself.

It will probably be a long post, so let me warn you :)

I would like to start with daily hair. I told you, when summer comes, I take a shower at least twice a day (when I get up in the morning and when I get home in the evening). Sometimes there are days when I will come back home in the evening and the number of showers naturally increases these days. When I wash my hair so often, there is no hair care, my hair color does not last long, and it is not easy to style my hair every time. My solutions are as follows: I shampoo the hair every time, but reduce my use of conditioner in the summer. Instead, I use sprays that are applied after washing and prevent the hair from breaking while combing and make combing easier. (Although conditioner is important for the care of the hair, too frequent use of conditioner wears the hair out. Longer-term intensive care is a must in the summer.) Drying my hair and using hair stylers such as blow dryers, straighteners, and curling irons are my nightmares. It doesn't shrink at all in that heat. My suggestion to you is to make peace with the natural state of your hair in summer. If I have to leave the house in a very short time, I braid my hair in different ways in the summer. I found a few different models for you too, all of them are very stylish ;) When you dry your hair thoroughly and braid it while it is damp, it is both very smooth and does not overwhelm you because it does not dry out quickly and stays put. A second alternative is to gather the hair tightly or make a ballerina bun. You can easily make these models while your hair is wet. Before gathering the hair tightly or making a ballerina bun, plaiting some parts of it tiny or curling the hair from different places looks stylish on your hair, I recommend you to try it. You can also make your hair more stylish with colorful hairpins, stone hairpins, etc. If you have a little time before leaving the house, leave your hair alone for a while. Let them dry on their own and ripple slightly. (Wavy-haired people can just leave it alone, straight-haired people can add volume from the ends to the bottom to wave the hair, curl the hair in several places, thus obtaining more voluminous and slightly wavy hair while drying). It is one of the easiest hairstyles in summer to gather the slightly wavy and about to dry hair with hairpins in a messy manner and a little above the neck. Again, color can be added to the hair with colored or stone hairpins. When I make this model, my favorite thing is to wear a colored band on my hair, giving a comfortable and stylish look. I can't help but mention the model that I used most often last summer. You separate the hair from the middle or the side and bring two strands from the part that falls forward, curling up to the nape, and you fasten these strands on the nape. Then you make a bun with the other hair on the nape. It can be done while the hair is wet and it is incredibly easy, stylish and comfortable ;)

summer hairstyles

Let's go on vacation. An action that some of those who prefer the trio of sea, sand and sun do during their summer holidays and which I can't understand is not to put their heads in water so that my hair doesn't get damaged. As we know, there are people who go to the beach with blow-dried hair and make-up in certain holiday regions. If you know me a little from my writings, you must have understood that I am in favor of comfort and naturalness in such matters. While wearing makeup at the beach is bullshit on its own, blow-dried hair is bullshit. Since I vomited my hatred, let's come to what can be done with wet hair after getting out of the sea-pool. I'm one of those people who can't walk around with their hair open on the beach. My first tactic is to collect my hair in the water when getting out of the water. When you shake your hair in the water for a while, it neither stays tangled nor does it say how to style it wet without combing the hair. In this way, after you get out of the water, you can tape your hair with various tapes, scarves or even beautiful cheesecloth. When you tie these colorful accessories to your hair in different ways, you will not look cool at the beach. Here is an example of mine from last year ;) (Special thanks to Yiğit Eken for the photo) It is my favorite to make a bow from the top. In addition, such accessories prevent water from flowing from your wet hair to your top or face. If you say no, I can't sit without combing my hair, you have to face the fact that your hair will be like felt when you come out of chlorinated or salty water. It is very difficult to comb this hair without breaking it. Therefore, getting help from a spray will make things easier. After combing your hair, making a loose braid on the side and wearing a band again can make you a favorite of the beach, let me tell you. Finally, you can collect your hair from the top with a stylish clip with claws, I love that too :)

It is also very difficult to do hair at night on vacation. If you do not want to leave your hair alone at night, it is enough to adapt the models that I count among the things that can be done during the day in the summer. You get more voluminous, more worked hair in the same models.

When summer comes, the wedding season opens. In the summer, I can never be comfortable with open hairstyles at weddings. My hair must be collected somehow. This year, it is fashionable to collect the curled hair from the side in a messy way and to have tiny braids thrown between them. Ballerina bun or such tight buns never go out of fashion. Gathering straight blow-dried hair from the top tightly can be another alternative.

It's hard to deal with hair in the summer, my dear, so let the hair care in the summer be the subject of another article, not a very long article :)

Hair is collected in the summer, this is the summary of this article :)

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    Tips for washing hair. What you need to do for our HEALTHY hair is to wash your hair from the nape area so that your hair does not suffer from excessive damage, thinning, thinning, wear and tear. Or on the side. Washing from the upper part of the hair thins the skin and wears it out. When we use shampoo, soap, extremely hot water, towel, hair dryer, our hair becomes thinner over time. It's pouring. Let's take control of our hair for healthier hair. For healthy hair.


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