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Lamb Ribs in the Pot

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Hello Dear Friends,

My recipe for today Lamb tandoori It is a very practical mother's meal with a taste. Almost effortless and the result is perfect :)

Especially if you cook rice in the remaining oil, the men of the house sit at the table with their hands in the air :) Since I am busy with other things these days, I washed the meat that I took out of the freezer well. So it doesn't need to be that much resolved at this point.

how to cook lamb ribs in pot

The secret is that your meat should be fatty and at least between 550-600 grams. Thus, it is not dry when cooked, and when it is cooked, the strands are separated.

In addition, because you continue to cook while it absorbs its water and stays in its oil, it turns brown like a pomegranate. Now we cook this recipe on low heat with the lid closed. The ribs cook much faster than other regions, but when the water is removed, it is not at the consistency you want. Then we add some more water and continue cooking until the water is gone.

When it stays in its oil, we fry it in its own oil until the meat is like a pomegranate, turning it from time to time. If you do not want to cook rice in this oil, you can fry your thin-skinned and diced fresh potatoes. It will be a great side dish.

Do not forget to note this practical recipe for your Kuban Feast Recipes, which you can easily prepare without marinating or sealing :)


Ingredients for Potted Lamb Ribs Recipe

  • lamb ribs (about 550-600 g fat)
  • salt
  • black pepper
  • water (up to half the ribs)

How to Make Lamb Ribs in a Pot Recipe?

  1. Wash the lamb ribs and place them in a pan suitable for their size.
  2. Add water until it reaches half of the meat.
  3. After adding salt and pepper, close the lid of the pot. Cook on low heat until the meat absorbs its water and the oil melts.
  4. Turn the meat in the hot oil and fry it until it turns like a pomegranate. Serve the meat that is fried and separated from the bones.
  5. If desired, take the meat from the pot, cook rice pilaf in the remaining oil and serve with the meat.


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  • On January 27, 2023 at 14:38 am

    This lamb we know is tandoori. I'll try and see if it turns out like you did. Great recipe, very clear explanation. Good luck to you and your work.


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