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Milk Jam Cheesecake

Portion: 10-12 Persons Preparation: 30 min Cooking: 130 min
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Hello Dear Friends,

The last recipe of this week, with its legendary taste, will blow your mind at least as much as mine. chessecake It was.

Bu cheesecake It's definitely unlike anything you've eaten before. Its rich content is the kind that will make you have a feast for your palate :) You can cook it in a 10-12 cm mold for 26-28 people.

Although the cost seems a bit high, I am sure it will be one of your favorite recipes once you try it.

Strained Yogurt Cheesecake

Of course, it is possible to cook in a smaller mold with half a measure of material.

Now let's come to the tricks that you must follow to cook a nice cheesecake...

  1. First of all, all your ingredients must be at room temperature. If the temperature is different, the cheesecake mix can be cut.
  2. After whisking your labneh or fresh white spreadable cheese until it is completely mixed with sugar, you should add other ingredients.
  3. You should whisk at low speed so that the cheesecake does not crack while baking.
  4. Again, in order to prevent the cheesecake from cracking while cooking, a heat-resistant layer is placed on the floor of the preheated oven.
  5. You should put water in the container, so the inside of the oven will be moist while the cheesecake is baking.
  6. It is important to operate the oven without a fan while cooking the cheesecake. Upside down baking is more suitable for cheesecakes.
  7. If you take your cheesecake out of the oven as soon as it is cooked, it may crack or collapse in the middle. For this reason, you should rest your cheesecake with the door of your oven open until it reaches room temperature.

Curious How to make milk jam?  they can read my writing.

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Ingredients for Milk Jam Cheesecake Recipe

For 26-28 cm springform mold

For the base:

  • 70 g butter
  • 1 pack of Oatmeal Biscuits
  • 50 gr granulated sugar

For the cheesecake mix:

  • 800 g spreadable white cheese (4 packs)
  • 200 gr granulated sugar
  • 150 g cream
  • 200 g strained yogurt
  • 4 pieces of eggs

How to Make Milk Jam Cheesecake Recipe?

  1. Melt the butter in a small saucepan. Add granulated sugar to the melted butter and mix until it melts.
  2. Roll the biscuits for the base. Add the melted granulated sugar and butter and pass it through the rondo again.
  3. Spread the biscuit mixture you have prepared for the base into the clamped mold on which you have lined greaseproof paper and put it in the refrigerator to freeze.
  4. While the base is freezing, put the spreadable white cheese and granulated sugar into the mixer bowl. Beat on low speed until completely mixed.
  5. Once the cheese is mixed, add the cream and strained yoghurt and continue whisking at low speed.
  6. While whisking continues, add the eggs one by one.
  7. When the whole mixture has a homogeneous consistency, pour it on the base you prepared and bake for 130 minutes in a preheated oven at 130 degrees (fanless cooking on top and bottom).
  8. When the cheesecake is cooked, turn off the oven and open the door and let it cool in the oven.
  9. Put the completely cooled cheesecake in the refrigerator and let it rest for 1 night.
  10. Spread the milk jam on the cheesecake that you carefully removed from the mold.




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  • On November 30, 2017 at 11:17 PM

    Hello, I made your cheesecake recipe, the cake was very puffy, but it was not white, and why did I make the milk jam, its color was darkened, but it was not such a solid consistency, why could it be like this?


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