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Ways to Cope with Stress

Release Date: 20-07-2016
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Stress is a situation that we all try to cope with… Stress, which sometimes originates from our work, sometimes from our family life, sometimes from our school, from traffic or from our friendship relations, and which affects our lives from time to time, has become a part of our lives with the globalizing world. Although experts say that less stress is good for motivation, we unfortunately often fail to keep the measure and put ourselves in trouble. Physically and mentally, excessive and chronic stress can cause headaches and various health problems, while at the same time it can cause us to fail at work and in human relations. However, we can achieve a healthier life by not allowing stress to take over our lives, but by trying to control or prevent it. Here are ways to deal with stress:

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1-Reformat stressful thoughts: Remember that stress begins entirely in our perceptions. In fact, our body has an effective reaction system to react to dangerous situations. For example, when a car approaches us, we save our lives by throwing ourselves on the side of the road thanks to this system. This reaction causes our heart to beat faster, our pulse to accelerate, and our muscles to tense. But also in non-life-threatening situations; It is also necessary, for example, in traffic, at work or in family matters. That's why we need to learn ways to curb this reaction and let our body relax by saying stop at one point. For this, remove phrases such as "if I fail or if I'm late" from your life and stop creating disaster scenarios for yourself.

2-Avoid unnecessary stress: Stress is our body's healthy response to the dangerous situations it perceives, and it may sound difficult to stay away from; But avoid unnecessary stress. For example, if you know the person you are stressing about, remove them from your life as much as possible, if you are stressed because of your past experiences, do not think about the same issues again, avoid being pessimistic, do not compare your life with others by spending a lot of time on social media, or if you have overspent, do not stress yourself out by thinking about it, and most importantly, learn to say "no".

3-Make environmental changes: If you have a very messy environment, organize it a bit. Take time for yourself and those around you. Extend the minutes you spend in the shower and listen to music! Feel free to make small changes in your home and meet new people!

4-Try relaxing activities: When we are very stressed, our priorities are shaped accordingly. Do not leave free time to ourselves and worry about the things that stress us out, of course, causes us to be more stressed. So, put everything aside and get a hobby and do sports. You will feel refreshed after such activities. You can also start meditation or get a massage. But the best cure for stress is this: don't forget to laugh!

5-Adapt to a stress-fighting lifestyle: Choosing healthy foods is one of the best ways to reduce stress. Avoid ready meals and try to get sugar from fruits, eat plenty of vegetables and don't forget to drink two liters of water a day. Half an hour of daily exercise will attract you to a more comfortable life. Don't forget to rest while you rush around for the day. For this, try to get your sleep in a healthy way. And most importantly: hug your loved ones!

Author: Büşra Cengiz

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