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10 Dessert Recipes for Valentine's Day

Release Date: 10-02-2019
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Valentine's Day definitely deserves to be the most romantic day of the year. Spending February 14 at home, where everything turns pink and the smell of love is felt in the air just like in the song, adding romance to a wonderful table with small touches or preparing sweet packages for your lover can be one of the most beautiful and precious gifts you can give your lover on such a day.

valentine's day sweets

If you are one of those who believe that 'the way to the stomach is through the heart', you can turn February 14th into an opportunity to show all your ingenuity in the kitchen. Below are the suggestions with lots of chocolate and strawberries that will make it easier for you to decide which dessert you will complete the meal you prepared for your lover or what will be in the dessert package you will take to her. Happy Valentine's Day in advance :)

Strawberry cake

Since it is now easy to find strawberries in winter months, we can use strawberries in abundance on February 14th. This strawberry cake is definitely one of the best strawberry recipes to make for your valentine on Valentine's Day. When the genoise cake and delicious cream come together in the recipe in the link, a wonderful taste emerges.

Chocolate Mousse

Here comes a chocolatey, light and absolutely delicious recipe. Chocolate mousse, which you can easily prepare and whose consistency is not as difficult as you think, is a dessert that can easily conquer your lover's heart.

Strawberry Pudding

If you are looking for a dessert recipe with both milk and strawberry for Valentine's Day, you should try strawberry pudding. The completely home-made recipe without the use of packaged instant pudding will be a favorite for strawberry lovers.

Intense Chocolate Chip Cookies

This recipe is especially for those who want to pack sweets for their lover :) Cookies with lots of chocolate inside are the kind that make you fall in love at the first bite. Isn't it nice to even dream of thinking about this cookie?

Chocolate souffle

If your lover loves the intense chocolate flavor, one of the first dessert recipes you should consider for him should definitely be a souffle! The liquid chocolate in its shell will surely enchant your lover!

Rich Chocolate Brownie

There is no one who does not like brownie, which you can flavor even more with walnuts, hazelnuts or cubed white chocolate. It is certain that your lover will love the brownie, which, unlike cakes, does not rise and contains intense flavor.

Chocolate Pizza

If you want to add a little Italian influence to your Valentine's Day and a little more unusual dessert, you should take a look at the chocolate pizza recipe. The pizza, which you can prepare with chocolate hazelnut cream on pizza dough, will sweeten your Valentine's Day table with the scents of Italy.

Strawberries with Chocolate Sauce in a Biscuit Bowl

If what you want for Valentine's Day is a tiny, tasteful dessert that tastes like bon bon, we recommend these cute balls. It is prepared quickly, it is very tasty, and its presentation is magnificent. What more for Valentine's Day :)

San Sebastian Cheesecake

You can move San Sebastian, the most famous cheesecake of recent times, to February 14th. With its creamy texture and slightly burnt top, it can leave other cheesecakes behind in terms of flavor. Don't be afraid to do it :) You can find all the details that will make your job easier in the link.

Panna Cotta with Blackberry Sauce

Delicious and light, Panna Cotta is a wonderful dessert for Valentine's Day. Choosing the heart-shaped molds to prepare Panna Cotta is one of your alternatives that will increase the spirit of Valentine's Day.

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