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Rock'n Coke Diary

Release Date: 21-07-2009
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Daha before too As I told you, we were at the Rock'n Coke Festival last weekend. What we did, what we did, I wrote and photographed for you day by day. Let's start here...

star TV

17 July Friday Day 1

While we were making preparations for RnC in the evening, "We're there in an hour, can you make jam for the Main News Bulletin?" suddenly coming from Star Tv. I was taken aback by the question. But I said yes because I didn't want to miss such an opportunity. When a main news broadcast was added to the festival preparations, everything suddenly became like soup. The top was changed again, the make-up was done and the kitchen was made ready for shooting. Fortunately, all the work was done until our meeting time, but I'm done.

We set out to pick up Arman(“rmNcr”Acar) and Özge(lillith), whom we agreed to meet in Mecidiyeköy. They had just met when we arrived at Mecidiyeköy. When a short shopping break was given, Gökçe also came and the team was complete. Özge's angel wings and Arman didn't know it was broken yet. we set off.

When we arrived at the festival area, the RnC staff assigned on the road directed us and all the other carriages to the C gate. Of course, we learned after a pile of 20 vehicles formed at the gate that there was no vehicle entry from the C gate. After learning the location of the car park from a friend who was not on duty, we came back with difficulty and parked the car.

We didn't know what was going to happen to us, so we came to the control cabin to play bye. We went through a long cordon that looked like it was prepared for lab rats, searched, combed, sniffed (I appreciate the safety they hold as tight as they can).

After the search was over, they realized that they couldn't find anything and we were released on condition.

Tunahan and Harun had set up their tents and were waiting for us. Everyone made an effort to set up a tent. Toci, who made such an attempt for the first time, was just about to go to plaster after he had finished his rough work, and everything was dismantled and started to be built again with the interpretation of "This tent is upside down" from Gökçe. In the meantime, we saw that Arman's tent could not be set up even upside down. While the scouts were intervening in the tent with the ropes cut off, we learned that the tent was not upside down at all, and in fact we set it up correctly at first, and we turned the skylight upside down. We did not know that this lovely couple, who met Arman that morning, had a long-standing acquaintance with Gökçe and Toci.

We worked hard, we got hungry. While we were on our way to tour the festival area and have dinner, Toci's words “I can't find my bag” that cost us 2 hours and would cause our nerves to fray, destroyed the world. The meal was forgotten, everyone went after the bag. (Not to mention a bag, it contains everything that should not be lost.)

After the bag-finding game we completed in 5 stages (gendarmerie-RnC officers-all security points, again gendarmerie RnC officers-all security points), we were on that fine line between laughing and crying when a security guard we call the infodesk, what we call a brother, or what a restaurant. We entered the festival area scattering and open like wolves.

Although it was the first night, it was quite crowded. Everyone had already entered the Rnc Mode and was waiting for the first night DJ Performance.

The food was delicious and the prices were quite affordable, although there are many options, I chose Dominos Pizza for the first night. We ate our meals, toured the festival area, and returned to the campsite tiredly. While Toci was already asleep and snoring, we continued our conversation in front of the tent until the first light of the morning.

18. July Saturday Day 2

We got up early in the morning and went to the festival area for breakfast with Arman. So someone had to get up early and find room for breakfast. While we were chatting, those who woke up came to our place (I couldn't give up the breakfast plate, which is always my favorite choice for breakfast - no one can make me eat pastry unless it's homemade) and we had a nice breakfast. Vodafone Live, where we notice its coolness and activities! We spread out until the Aylin Aslım concert started on its campus. Vodafone Live campus, which is our meeting place after every concert, has become our meeting place and finding the lost one. We even came to the point of winning an Iphone from the Treasure Hunt competition they organized for a while, but it wasn't luck.

Thanks to my Campass card, I watched many concerts in the front section reserved for the press and took concert photos.

In the evening, I had the chicken pieces with sauce, which I tasted thanks to Arman (Wonderland really knows this business and the prices are very affordable). Then Sezgi (me fallit) who loaded our orders came out (we are still praying for him).

The concerts that followed one after another made the festive atmosphere feel completely. Even though we didn't watch every concert, we always listened to the voice rising from the main stage. Before the Smoke Concert, as the evening chill fell, we succumbed to my friend's requests to get on the kamikaze and learned how many parts of the world the world is :) When Toci sacrificed himself to not leave me alone, we had to listen to a few songs from Duman, which he loved so much, after we landed, and return to the campsite with his nausea. We ended the night by listening to The Prodigy's high volume concert from our tent…

Sunday, July 19

Being in the camp is as much fun as it is tired. We woke up a little more tired on Sunday morning, but the festive enthusiasm within us overcame the fatigue. While we were having our breakfasts, the conversation started. First, I attended Mavi's denim and bag painting event, and then the graffiti application. Then we participated in the 20 cola campaign for 1 paper cups made by Coca Cola. Everyone dispersed and started collecting glasses. Think how much fun we had.

At the Coca-Cola Zero stage, I had the opportunity to listen to the band Sattas, which I heard for the first time at the Chillout fest, and to take close-up photos.

Of course, we did not neglect to taste those famous chipstiks (the most delicious mixed spice).

In the evening, we were doing nothing but running and having fun.
We watched the live performances of good groups, it was really enjoyable to be a part of such a large and high quality organization. We returned home to our warm bed, taking nearly 500 photographs and many memories with us.

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Now let's come to some useful tips for those who want to join next year:

  1. Make sure to bring sunscreen with you.
  2. You may need to use the shower for not less than 2 days, and take a towel and shampoo with you.
  3. It is useful to throw 1 toilet paper in the bag, you cannot find it easily because it is very crowded.
  4. Be sure to check the tent where you bought it.
  5. Get an inflatable mattress that is very difficult to sleep on a mat, or a sea mattress with a price of 4-5 TL.
  6. Make sure you have a blanket to cover you.
  7. Around 3-4 o'clock at night, the weather gets terribly cold, take a sweater or a thick sweatshirt with you.
  8. Don't try to go inside with a thermos or a plastic bottle like me, they spill it all.
  9. Be sure to get a flashlight.
  10. Portable camping chairs come in handy.
  11. If you don't want to have trouble with the toilet, use the restrooms at the end of the campsite and inside the building.
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