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Otto Powerhouse

Release Date: 21-01-2011
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Otto Santral was opened in September 2008 in Santral Istanbul. The restaurant & cafe & bar with its dizzying ceiling height may seem small at first glance, but when you spend some time in it, you realize that it is just an illusion.

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It is an enjoyable place with its different decoration and atmosphere, and also hosts many events and DJ performances. It also features live performances on certain days of the week.

We were there last Saturday to inhale the calm and quiet air and take a breather.

I decided on Linguini with Clams and my wife on Otto Burger. Both were delicious but I was really upset that I didn't order the Otto Burger after tasting it.

After seeing the pizza oven, we decided to try their pizza in the following days.

Pizza with 1 box of Heineken is not bad :)

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