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Oreo Wreath Pavlova

Release Date: 27-12-2020
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Hello Dear Friends,

You know, I love making meringue, especially pavlova :) I'm always attracted to how elegant and delicious that puff foam is. This time I have a recipe that doubles that delicious 2 or even 3 times :) Have you ever heard of the smell of Oreo freshly baked in the oven in your kitchen? Now you will hear!

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Moreover, there is no need to wait for any special day to prepare this recipe :) Because it is very easy, just follow the tricks I have given. First, make sure your eggs are fresh and at room temperature. Also beat very very well as in the video. Observe the heat while cooking and leave to cool with the oven door closed.

You can use whatever you want while decorating. Keep in mind that orange and tangerine go very well too!


Ingredients for Oreo Wreath Pavlova Recipe

For the meringue base:

  • 3 egg whites (large size) 125 g
  • 1 glass + half a tea glass of granulated sugar 250 g
  • 1 teaspoon cream of tartar
  • 1 pack of Oreo

For the cream:

  • 1 glass of milk cream (200 ml)
  • Half a teaspoon of powdered sugar
  • 1 pack of Oreo's inner cream

For the above:

  • kumquat
  • Goji berry and pomegranate seeds
  • rosemary or pine leaves
  • Oreo

How to Make Oreo Wreath Pavlova Recipe

  1. Run the oven at 110 degrees without a fan and start heating.
  2. Carefully separate the egg whites from the yolks and put them in a deep whisk.
  3. Beat on low and then on medium speed until lightly foamy.
  4. Add the granulated sugar to the foaming whites and whisk, continuing to whisk until all the sugar is gone and the egg whites are like snow.
  5. Add 1 teaspoon of cream of tartar to the thickened egg whites and beat for 15-20 seconds. Add the Oreo pieces and mix with a spatula.
  6. Make a circle on the greaseproof paper with the help of a pan lid and lay the greaseproof paper on the baking tray.
  7. Squeeze the meringue onto the circle you have drawn with the cream piping bag to form a wreath. Those who want can make it like a bowl by using a cream squeezing bag like me.
  8. Bake in an oven preheated to 110 degrees for 60 minutes without opening the door.
  9. When the cooking time is over, leave the meringues to cool without opening the oven door.
  10. Beat cream, oreo cream and powdered sugar at high speed until a dense consistency.
  11. Squeeze the meringue over the prepared meringue with a cream bag.
  12. Serve garnished with Oreo pieces and berries.
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