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Kitchen Gadgets: Kitchen Scale

Release Date: 06-03-2011
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The kitchen scale is one of my must-haves. I use it to stick to the basics when trying out different recipes, especially when applying bread machine recipes.

The digital scale came years ago as a birthday present for a friend. Over time, I thought of buying a mechanical scale because it is both nostalgic and has its own bowl (pan), but I gave up because I didn't have the space.

kitchen scale features

Digital scales have great features such as tare (seeing the weight of the container you are measuring to 0), that is, net weight, precise measurement (1 g margin of error), and seeing the net weight thanks to the digital display. One of its advantages is that it takes up little space and can be used for a very long time with 1 single battery.

Household mechanical scales can weigh between 1 kilo and 5 kilos. Their prices can be even more expensive than digital scales, depending on the model.

I adore the nostalgic red scale, the kitchen timer that I had my eye on at Mudo Concept. If there was a place on my counter, I would definitely buy one :) But if you have 1 choice like me, I recommend you to choose digital scale as it is more useful.

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