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Gullac with Custard

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Hello Dear Friends,

Ramadan has come, welcome! Rose of Ramadan Güllaç recipe as always our iftar tables took its place in the corner.

many times before Güllac I prepared it but one of my favorite versions is custard rosebush I definitely recommend you to try it.

ramadan recipes

While preparing Güllaç, make sure that your milk is close to the temperature. Thus, the softening of the leaves will be faster and will save you time. Although the milk in the measure may seem too much at first, the leaves of Güllaç will absorb them all, especially in the refrigerator. Therefore, if you use less milk, your rosemary will be dry.

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I love to use pomegranate, which gives a slight sourness, but it is very hard to find right now. Therefore, if you want, you can use confectionery like me or you can in this recipe You can experiment with strawberries such as


Ingredients for the Custard Güllaç Recipe

For Güllaç:

  • 9 gullac leaves
  • 1 liter milk
  • 1 cup powdered sugar
  • 1 pack of Pakmaya Vanillin

For the custard:

  • 1 pack of ready-made Custard
  • 3,5 water glass milk

For the top:

  • cherry marshmallows
  • Powdered Peanuts & Filet Almonds

How to Make a Custard Güllaç Recipe?

  1. Prepare a pack of pudding with 3,5 cups of milk as written on the back of the pack and take it off the stove and cool it by stirring occasionally.
  2. For Güllaç, heat by mixing the sugar and milk. When the sugar melts completely, add the vanilla, mix and remove from the stove.
  3. Put the first leaf of Güllaç in a medium-sized borehole or baking tray, take 1 ladle of milk and wet the leaf. After applying the same process to the second leaf, take 3-4 spoons of the pudding and spread it over the soaked Güllaç leaf.
  4. Do the same until all the leaves are gone.
  5. Take the Güllaç you have prepared in the refrigerator, withdraw the milk completely and take it out of the refrigerator when it cools down.
  6. Garnish and slice and serve.
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