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A Journey to Taste: Kayseri

Release Date: 19-12-2014
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Hello Dear Friends,

As you know, I've been blogging since 2007 and I think it's the best thing I've ever done. Thanks to my blog, I have established an incredible bond with you, and thanks to this, I have been a guest with my recipes in the homes of millions of people that I will not have the opportunity to meet one-on-one.

Although I received training from many local and foreign chefs in the culinary schools I went to, my mind was always on local cuisines and flavors. Turkish cuisine is such a rich and delicious cuisine that there is no way for you to learn from a distance. I knew that I would not feel like I was doing this job without breathing the air of that country, drinking the water, having a word with its people. I was making plans to go to cities (at least on weekends) that I had been wondering about for a long time.

Local foods

At a time when I was preparing to implement these plans. A Journey to Taste with Maggi project came to me. It connected so well with the road I was walking that I don't think I could easily describe how excited I was.

We went on such a beautiful and enjoyable journey that I felt that I could touch the texture of the city as well as taste the local delicacies.

Kayseri was the first stop of my Journey to Taste with Maggi. This first stop also has a spiritual significance for me. I remember it as if it were yesterday that my deceased grandfather was his hometown, although he left Kayseri at a very young age.

Before I set off, I asked questions to my followers on social networks. Like where to go, where not to come back without eating what... As a matter of fact, you have determined my route again. I had the chance to meet my followers from different age groups in each city and even to be a guest in their homes.

Dear Duru welcomed me in Kayseri :) At the foot of Mount Erciyes Yaren CafeWe had an excellent breakfast. The view of the city from the top, the crispy burning wood stove blew me away. Kayseri's delicious sausage and pastrami accompanied our pleasant conversation.

Another stop of the first day is the famous Bereket Restaurant It was. Develi Cıvıklısı in Bereket I really like. The taste of the meat thinned by throwing a double knives spread on the thin, crispy dough is still on my palate. When I said that I wanted to see how such a delicacy was made, they did not offend me and showed me the details. Even though the word squeaky sounds a bit strange, you understand what they mean when you see it being done. The meat, which is chopped with double knives, begins to heat up and release its oil. As the meat and fat mix, it adds flavor to its flavor. Here's the sticky part of it :)

After wandering around the Grand Bazaar and looking for some souvenirs, we entered the first spice shop that caught our eye. Here, Mr. Mustafa tells us about the famous city of Kayseri. grass explained the variety. I also tasted the high society fenugreek, which is called spicy and non-spicy, but does not contain fenugreek :)

From there, we went to Altınsaray Pöç, which is already close and a must-stop for those who go to Kayseri. I got some information about puc and poc pilaf here. After 16 hours of cooking, we could not get enough of the meat, which was like Turkish delight, and the special bread served with it.

On my second day, one of the famous districts of Kayseri, to Talas As a matter of fact, the history of this district dates back to 1500 BC. I would like to go back again, even just to walk around those streets and take pictures. Dear Duru wanted to show me not only this historical texture but also the rich spice shop in the district. we stopped by Authentic Cafe I also had the opportunity to see the grain of the region's famous cemen, sorry pine. I talked about my stomach problem a little bit and got advice for him. Due to the weather change, they offered me a little mint because I was a mullah. Atom TeasI also drank your coffee :) Of course, I also drank my coffee against those wonderful historical buildings that have survived despite centuries :)

After the sawdust, we returned to the city center, wandered around the Republic Square for a bit of market and bazaar. There I have not seen my attention before chewing gum pulled. After chatting with some shopkeepers and people around, what I really wondered about Pastrami on duty we made our way.

Our on-duty pastramimaker is a branch of İmamoğlu. They welcomed us so warmly that I was very happy. We talked about many topics from pastrami to the tricks of making sausage at home, even to making fenugreek for breakfast. If you are going to make fenugreek, spices are very important, as a matter of fact, the spices used in the delicious fenugreek are a complete mix of Turkey :) gilaburu Another issue is that although I had seen it many times before, I had the opportunity to taste it there for the first time. They ship all over Turkey and as someone who has personally tried these flavors, I will definitely order from there from now on.

I didn't feel very hungry after tasting small meals everywhere I went in the evening, but it was mentioned so much that I didn't want to go back to the hotel without tasting Kayseri's stuffed custard. Dear Hatice, she showed me how she ferments the dough, how she opens the dough she has fermented, and how it is mixed with oil and flour. I rolled the dough with him and prepared a ket. Afterwards, we tasted the kets I opened with a cup of tea :)

On my last day in Kayseri, I was going to be a guest at the house of Fatma sister, who is as talented as she is worldly dessert. We met and shopped at Begendik, one of the most popular markets there. He told me how to use ground beef for ravioli and we took our freshly ground minced meat and hit the road again. You all know how much I love to go to the market :) When there is a Sunday near the house, we stopped by to buy fresh salad ingredients and fruit for the table we will set. After a little bit of room and a little bit of that, we arrived at the house with our hands full :)

They used to say that if you go to Kayseri, you will eat the most delicious ravioli at home. This was indeed true, it was much lighter and more delicious than the ravioli we have made so far. I saw the making of tray ravioli for the first time. Spoon ravioli and tray ravioli are dishes that require a lot of effort, I think, it is a tiring task for people alone, but if you are 3-4 people, you can quickly finish the ravioli with both conversation and pleasure.

It turns out that the neighbors who heard about my future would also join us :) Kayseri cuisine is so delicious that I can't describe it. Especially the women are very skillful, we set our table with the famous Nevzine Dessert, Oil Ravioli, Kete and many other delicacies brought by them. It has been the most enjoyable table I have ever sat at with its pleasant conversations and lively conversations :) I felt that I had really met the Kayseri cuisine. I witnessed the unifying and happy power of food.

I hope you will enjoy the journey to the taste that you set out with me. See you soon in our new stop Konya :)

Addresses for those who want to stop by when they go to Kayseri:

Yaren Dag Evi Cafe
Address: Erciyes Mh. 38100 Kayseri
Tel: (0352) 341 2122

Bereket Develi Cıvıklısı
Talas newborn mah. Soncuklu 1. Sok 24/a Kayseri
Tel: (0352) 438 2220

Authentic Cafe / Transfer
Opposite Kiçiköy Mosque/Talas
Tel: (0352) 437 00 71

On Duty Pastrami İmamoğlu
Industry Mh. 8. Cd. No:45/1 Kocasinan/Kayseri
Tel: (0352) 320 93 35

Sweet Can Cafe
Gultepe Mah. Gelincik Sok. No: 26/A Melikgazi / KAYSERİ
Tel: (0352) 503 03 03

Altinsaray Kelle and Pöç
Banks Street Tuzcular Dead End, opposite YKM / Kayseri
Tel: (0352) 222 92 91




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