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Journey to Taste: Denizli

Release Date: 04-02-2015
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Hello Dear Friends,

dating Maggi Your Journey to Taste his next stop was Denizli, one of the cities that intrigued me the most. Because when we started this journey, when Denizli is mentioned, I only think of it. Pamukkale ve from find was coming. I didn't know much about other places to visit and what to eat, but thanks to your comments and my dear follower Nurcan, who welcomed me, we made a great program where I tried flavors I never knew before and learned brand new information. On our trip, where we discovered the famous flavors of Denizli, it conquered my heart with its wonderful presentations in copper and various kinds of pastries. At Birlik Börek We started with a delicious breakfast.

Local foods

When it's time to explore Denizli, first 'Feast Place'A lively square worthy of the name of the Festival Place would not be possible without having a chat with the women who sell them, while handmade products at the top of the stalls. I bought myself a wonderful dish with its unique edges embroidered with clove teeth :)

to Kaleici We continued walking towards, and as we passed the workshops, we noticed paintings made of copper. When we entered the shop, he was amazed when he saw the portrait works made of copper. Şerif Bey is a retired teacher and also a lover of Denizli. He lived in different cities for years due to his profession, but when he retired, he settled in Denizli. He is so in love with copper works that he says he wants to grow old at this counter.

After walking and talking, we started to get hungry, again in Kaleiçi. Gazezoglu PitaWe stopped by and ate both meat and plain pitas. I still have the taste of the butter spread on the pita, which is hot enough to burn your hand, and the ayran we drank next to it.

We continued to wander after dinner. at Cinar Knife I have seen knives whose designs are not yet completed by them. I liked it so much that I immediately placed an order for myself and 2 other people to take as gifts. Knife is the passion of people who love to cook like me, it would not be possible to return without buying the Yatağan knife, which is famous all over Turkey :)

when it's evening Haji Sharif We went to visit that famous semolina halva with ice cream. This was the first shop in Turkey, now it has grown with the involvement of the 3rd generation and spread almost throughout Turkey. We tasted many varieties from Turkish delight to jams, from semolina to dried fruit. Especially pumpkin dessert, semolina halva and Turkish delight with pomegranate were my favourites.

One of my favorite parts of Journey to Taste with Maggi is shopping in the markets of our city. It makes me very happy to wander among the local delicacies, colorful spices, fresh vegetables and fruits here. Every color and every scent is my inspiration for brand new recipes. I even prepared wonderful buns with the poppy pastes I bought from there :) I keep keeping the leftovers in the fridge, maybe I will prepare my own pitas.

If you go to Denizli after shopping at the market, we stumbled upon Kebapçı Enverde, which they strictly advise not to return without stopping by.

Denizli's famous oven kebab alias “without fork” I learned how it is made and why it is called without fork. Denizli's famous Victory Soda and I enjoyed the delicious kebabs accompanied by a pleasant conversation. If you happen to be in Denizli, I definitely recommend you to stop by.

2. In the continuation of our day, it has become famous around the world with its weaving. to Buldan We set out to go. Our stop there Evliyazade Mansion it happened. This cute and small mansion, where you can still see handcrafted looms and buy wonderful products made of buldan cloth, should definitely be on your list of places to visit. It has such a beautiful atmosphere that it takes you away from the hustle and bustle of life, even for a short time.

After receiving our gifts, we will have dinner and try the famous Elmalı Pide. tahini pita to taste tavas we were on our way. At Elmalı Pide It was very nice to learn how to make stuffed pita with Tahan and stuffed from the master. Even the pita that I made myself won the appreciation of the master :) You should definitely taste this pita served with tahini, walnuts and honey. We even packed the things we couldn't eat as a team and took them to the hotel that much :)

My last day in Denizli was unforgettable for me. We left the hotel early in the morning to go to Pamukkale, which has a unique natural beauty in the world. I had heard a lot about Pamukkale and seen many photos, but when I saw it, I understood better why it was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. It was a unique experience to walk in the warm waters in the travertines with their pure whiteness and cottony appearance. In fact, it would be more appropriate to say that I couldn't walk without taking pictures :)

Located in the ancient city of Hieropolis, the Antique Pool invites people to jump into the waters, regardless of the cold, with its clear view, history and scenery that has witnessed years. The ancient theater, with its historical beauty and magnificent structure that has been preserved for centuries, takes people to a completely different time period.

My follower Figen, who accompanied me in Pamaukkale, went to her house to prepare local delicacies of Denizli. Figen sister is both very talented and a true techno aunt :) She uses social networks, especially Instagram and Facebook, very actively.

when we get home of Denizli famous ball tarhana, rag vaccine ve Dried Stuffed Eggplant We prepared it together. Of course, he prepared and prepared it beforehand in case we would come :) In fact, when the guests he invited brought different flavors unique to Denizli, our table was filled with joy and abundance. at the table millet bread, eggplant embedding, famous bowl closure ve wishbone  like what was it. Thank you for your efforts and pleasant conversations :)

During this journey, I met so many beautiful people who shared their knowledge and experiences with me, and opened their shops and houses, that I had the opportunity to experience the legendary hospitality of our country. I remembered once again how important the little posts we sometimes skip in the hustle and bustle of city life are. Thanks to Journey to Taste, I am very happy to be able to bring these beauties to many more people.

I hope the journey to taste continues for all of us in different cities and different cultures.

Gazezoglu Pita
Tel: (+0258) 241 0786 XNUMX

Şerif Demirel Copper Workshop

Bakircilar Cad. No:29 Kaleici/Denizli
Cell: 0537 401 36 58

Cinar Knife (Yatagan Knives)
Tel: 0530 408 10 95 Denizli

Haji Sharif
Bayramyeri, 20100 Denizli
Tel: (+444) 1 938 XNUMX

Kebab Shop Enver
Saraylar Mh. Sarayköy Street 20, Denizli
Tel: 0258 2612394

Evliyazade Mansion & Buldanevi
4 Eylul Mahallesi Erensoy Sk. No:19 Buldan / DENİZLİ
Cell: 0258 431 42 69

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