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Creamy Easy Ice Cream with Labneh (Apricot & Pistachio)

Portion: 4 Serves Preparation: 5 min Cooking: 5 min
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Hello Dear Friends,

Many of us do not have an ice cream machine at home. For this reason, when I prepare recipes with a machine, I get a lot of feedback, wondering if it can be done without a machine. Of course, the texture of the ice cream made in the machine and the texture of the ice cream made at home are very different, but if the purpose is to be laid, such simple recipes will be very useful for you :)

sugar free ice cream

I chopped the fruit into small pieces because it looked good to me, but if you are going to prepare it especially for children, puree the fruits because they harden a lot when frozen. Those who will use honey should taste the mixture and adjust the amount according to their palate.

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Ingredients for Creamy Creamy Easy Ice Cream (Apricot and Pistachio) Recipe

  • 200 g apricot
  • half a cup of pistachios
  • 3 tablespoons of honey or 6-7 tablespoons of powdered sugar
  • 1 pack of milk cream (200 ml)
  • 2 tablespoons of labneh cheese

How to Make Creamy Creamy Easy Ice Cream (Apricot and Pistachio) Recipe with Labneh?

  1. Wash and chop the apricots or puree them in a blender.
  2. Whisk together the cream, labneh and honey.
  3. Mix the rising creamy mixture with either puree or fruit pieces and peanuts. Take it to the deep freezer.
  4. After keeping it in the freezer for about 2-3 hours, take it out, if it gets too hard, let it sit for 1-2 minutes and serve.
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