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Kugelhopf – Almond Raisin Sweet Bread

Release Date: 28-03-2008
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Kugelhopf, neither bread nor cake is in an interesting position between the two, so you can say almond, raisin, sweet bread… It has a different and good taste. Those who tasted it liked it very much… I recommend you to try it.


1000 gr. for the bread:

Kugelhopf – Ingredients for Almond Raisin Sweet Bread Recipe

3 eggs
160 gr. butter
100 ml. milk
1 tea spoon salt
5 tablespoon of granulated sugar
420 gr. Fame
2,5 teaspoons instant yeast
150 gr. grape
almonds upon request


First of all, eggs, diced butter and milk at room temperature are put in the bowl respectively.
Other materials are added to the chamber, with dry yeast being the last. And the sugary bread program is selected.
3,15 min. then you'll have a fluffy Kugelhopf.

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  • March 28, 2008 at 16:05

    one of the tasters is me...the taste is different yes, it's not a taste that we are unfamiliar with, but nilay has actually stated that it is neither cake nor bread. That is to say, it created wonders in this respect. You can do it too, of course, but we consider ourselves lucky because we ate it from the hand of the person who made it; )good luck nilaycim.what's next :)))


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