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Canned Pencil Holder

Release Date: 08-07-2009
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The box of chickpea can I opened recently to make rice with chickpeas looked so good that I couldn't resist throwing it away :)

While I was thinking about what I should do, I thought of making a pen holder. I took a look at what's in the house. I decided to cover the pen holder using the napkins I brought from the summer house.

It is very easy to make and decorative…

silicone gun
Pencil Holder Made of Tin Can

Ingredients for Canned Pencil Holder Recipe

  • jigsaw glue
  • Napkin
  • Brush
  • Silicone gun
  • Aquarium Beads
  • Tulle

How did I do it?

  1. After removing the label of the can, I applied the decoupage glue with the help of a brush, glued the napkin and went over it with glue again.
  2. I glued the beads and tulle by applying silicone to the drying box with a cyclone gun.
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  • on August 19, 2009 at 17:45

    It's a really nice and practical recipe..but there is a you think it would be a problem if I made it with a tomato paste box? =)=)=)


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