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Easy Tart (Orange)

Release Date: 26-02-2008
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Yesterday I tried my first tart. It was quite enjoyable work. It opens up both practically and as you look at it. It gave a very nice smell and flavor to the orange, and it didn't take much effort to decorate.


Ingredients for Easy Tart (Orange) Recipe

  • 1 pack of ready-made tart flour
  • 2 pieces of eggs
  • 100 gr. margarine
  • 1 package of plain whipped cream
  • 1,5 teaspoons of milk
  • 4-5 oranges
  • ¼ nuts

Preparation of:

  1. Add margarine, 2 eggs to the tart flour and knead.
  2. Do not be afraid that it will get a dark and sticky consistency, and pour the dough into the tart mold that you have oiled, if not, into a clamped mold, if there is no room, and if there is no room, it will be a last resort.
  3. 175-30 minutes in a preheated oven at 35 degrees. cook it. After the dough is baked, wait for it to cool (if you don't wait it may break like mine :)
  4. In the meantime, move on to making whipped cream. As usual, we make our whipped cream with cold milk, but I added less milk for a thicker consistency. Peel and slice the oranges.
  5. Spread the whipped cream on the baked tart pastry and arrange the oranges from outside to inside. Garnish with 1 hazelnut on each orange. Done :)
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