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Cherry's Unknowns

Release Date: 09-07-2016
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Cherry is the crown of summer fruits; When necessary, it becomes an ice-cold snack that comes out of the fridge in its fresh form, when appropriate, it gives flavor to desserts with its aroma, and when appropriate, it decorates breakfast tables as jam. In recent studies, the benefits of cherries for human health have been proven and it has become an increasingly popular fruit. We, as Kitchen Secrets, have researched and listed the unknowns of this fruit for you. Here are the hidden aspects of cherry:

  • The effect of cherry on our culture: Cherry, which means birth and renewal in Greek mythology, was referred to as "Kerasus" in Rome. The most interesting thing is that Giresun got its name from here. Kerasus changed over time and became Giresun, and Giresun, which we always know with its hazelnuts, is actually the homeland of cherries. There are even dishes called roasted cherries. Another province where cherries are grown is Tekirdağ. Famous names are guests of the cherry festival, which is held for the 52nd time this year, and the festival is very colorful.
  • Cherries are a source of antioxidants: According to studies, the red color of the cherry is due to its richness in antioxidants. This makes cherries good for many things such as gout, calcification, fiber tissue inflammation, muscle injuries in sports.
  • Cherries help with sleep patterns: Cherry, which has a relaxing effect on brain neurons thanks to the melatonin it contains, helps to go to sleep more easily when you eat a handful before going to sleep. Therefore, it can be effective in solving problems such as insomnia, tension and headache due to insomnia.
  • Cherry is an enemy of Alzheimer's and cancer: Cherry strengthens memory thanks to the antioxidants it contains in its structure; It plays a big role in preventing Alzheimer's. In addition, its fibrous tissue prevents the growth of cancer cells thanks to the vitamin C and carotenoids it contains.
  • Cherries are a storehouse of vitamins and minerals: Cherry, which is rich in minerals such as potassium, zinc, iron; In this way, it balances blood pressure, strengthens the immune system and protects heart health. 60 grams of cherry taken into the body a day meets our daily vitamin needs and it also has pain relief properties.
  • Cherry helps to lose weight: Cherry, which helps to melt belly fat, also plays a big role in losing weight. A handful of cherries consumed regularly during snacks helps you to lose weight in a healthy way and helps your skin to gain shine.
  • Evaluate the cherry stems!: You can make tea from cherry stalks by drying them instead of throwing them away. For this; After drying the cherry stalks, add 1 tablespoon of cherry stalk to 1 liter of water and boil it for 8 minutes, your tea is ready. You can consume it hot or cold, depending on your preference. Let's come to the benefits; Cherry stalk tea helps digestion and therefore is effective in losing weight, helps you to get rid of edema in your body, lowers cholesterol and protects you against infections.
  • Beware of!: As they say: "Excess of everything is bad". So be careful not to consume more than a handful. For example, eating a kilo of cherries causes nausea and vomiting. In addition, when consumed excessively, it can even cause death because it contains cyanide.

Editor: Büşra Cengiz
Photo: Nilay Tulum

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