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Spoon Pouring Recipe

Portion: 2-3 Persons Preparation: 5 min Cooking: 5 min
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Good morning and happy sunday!

Istanbul gave us a rainy surprise, by the way, I love rainy weather😍🌧 Maybe today I will have a chance to relax with a book and coffee ☕️🥰 

sunday breakfast recipes

I have some puffy spoons that will cheer up your Sunday breakfast and especially excite the children 💕 10 pieces come out and 10 minutes to prepare and cook💃🏻 

I would love to share the recipes you use on my story :) You can send the photos via direct message via Instagram or by tagging me in your story. My Instagram account: @kitchensirlari  Don't forget to follow!


Ingredients for Spoon Dumplings Recipe

  • 1 cup of fresh cheese or labneh
  • 1 tea glass of milk
  • 1 pieces of eggs
  • Half a pack of baking powder
  • 1 water glass flour
  • 1 stalks of scallion
  • 1 pinch of dill
  • 1 pinch of parsley
  • too much oil to grease the pan

How to Make Spoon Dumpling Recipe?

  1. Take the egg into the whisking bowl, add the milk and cheese on top and whisk.
  2. Whisk the flour by adding baking powder, add finely chopped greens and mix.
  3. Oil the pan and, if necessary, remove excess oil with a napkin.
  4. Take the dough with the help of a tablespoon and put it in the hot pan. Gently spread with the back of the spoon if necessary (straighten without thinning)
  5. When one side is browned, turn the other side and when it rises and becomes red, transfer it to the serving plate.
  6. Serve warm or cold when all the dough is cooked.
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