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10 Recipes with Eggs for Breakfast

Release Date: 02-05-2019
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Eggs are an essential part of a good breakfast for me. When we say its cooked form, menemen, omelette, there are actually many versions that can come to our breakfast tables. Being the most accessible protein source is another plus that makes it attractive. I have prepared a new list for those who are looking for an egg recipe for breakfast. Thus, I remembered the delicious recipes, from the most European to the most traditional, so that you can use eggs more on your breakfast table.

Along with a delicious breakfast where everything happens, I thought of Burak Aksak's favorite quote. Before I moved on to egg breakfast recipes, I remembered her: 'for breakfast to have anything to do with happiness, there must be at least two cups of tea on the table'.

Let's have a nice crowded, delicious and cheerful breakfast :) And enjoy yourselves in advance.

Eggs with Bacon

Those who smell bacon and eggs when they read the title, raise your hand! Those who want to prepare eggs with bacon in its most delicious form can click on the photo above.

Cheese Eggs

Making the egg in one of its most classic forms is both simple and requires some small techniques. Just click above to get the details.

Potato Eggs

Now you have a student house classic :) The satisfying effect of potatoes and eggs is even more satisfying and delicious when combined. Just click above to see how it's made.

Heart Sausage Egg

Here, this recipe belongs to a full February 14 or valentine gesture breakfast. The heart shape given to the sausages and the egg together will appeal to both the eyes and the stomach.

Egg Bread

The French Toast of foreigners is our evaluation of stale bread :) Egg bread and stale breads are both saved from being thrown away and are served for breakfast as delicious.

Scrambled Egg

This egg recipe, prepared by adding milk or cream, has a softer taste. You can get the tricks of scrambled eggs, which you can flavor with spices according to your wish, by clicking on the picture above.

Buttered Eggs on Toast Bread

If you think of the movie V for Vendetta when you see this recipe, know that you are not alone. You will love breads that are different from classic egg recipes, but are both very simple and very tasty.

Baked Egg in a Potato Bowl

If you want an eye-catching presentation for breakfast, be sure to take a look at these potato bowls. This presentation of the egg will definitely attract attention.

Poached Eggs with English Muffins

Making poached eggs requires a little more care and technique than other egg recipes, it's a fact. But this recipe is definitely worth all the care. Click on the image above for the recipe for poached eggs served with sauteed spinach and English muffins.

Egg Breakfast Bread

These breads are one of the recipes that reveal flavor when evaluating stale breads. The egg bread recipe that brings back the 80's is waiting above :)

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