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Milan Adventure with Indesit

Release Date: 26-05-2013
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Hello Dear Friends,

We've been apart for a whole week. It was definitely like a dream for us for a week. Our Milan journey with Support Your Hero has been incredibly good. After that, when my school adventure started, it took some time for us to meet you.

Our trip started with Milan and continued with Venice. You will see Milan part through the eyes of both me and my wife :) This is because we ladies who set out with their heroes had different adventures than their spouses :)


First of all, I must state that the pizza I ate here was not pizza. (I will write the details later, as I think that the food and the places we visited are a separate article.)

Our adventure, which started with our meeting at Milan airport on Sunday, gained momentum when the spouses left us for training. After about an hour, we left the hotel and went to Aveda, where we were greeted like queens. I can say that we were recreated by professional hair designers and make-up artists :)

While we were saying okay we're going back, the bus suddenly took us to Sergio Rossi, a dreamy store. While we couldn't get over the surprise of being greeted with champagne and chocolate, we started to choose our shoes :)

We found ourselves in the Bvlgari Hotel, blown away by happiness. After resting and tasting a bit, we returned to our hotel to get ready for the night. All in all, we had a great evening.

Early in the morning we started preparing for Sandero. When we got to the stadium, everyone was as surprised as I was. It's no joke, we were at San Siro and it was our heroes who showed up on the field.

They prepared such an incredible organization that it is impossible not to congratulate Indesit.


We became real fans for almost 4 hours. We got more excited :)

In the evening, we got ready for the Gala and set off for Just Cavalli, one of Milan's most popular venues. We celebrated this wonderful day until the first hours of the morning.

Being there as a blogger and supporting my hero has been an incredible source of pride for me.

A big thank you at Indesit for making it a unique experience and making new friends. Also, thank you to dear lady Derya, who did not leave us alone during the organization and was always with us :)

Now let's move on to my hero's Milan :)

When it comes to travel, I always think of waking up from the dark of the morning and rushing to reach the airport. For some reason, no one travels with 2 planes in the afternoon :) Another morning, departure for Atatürk Airport at 4:30 in the morning…

But this time is very different, this time is a journey towards doing what has not been done, maybe even cannot be done again.

Our first stop is Milan, I've never been to Italy before and I've always wanted to see it. On this occasion, I would be able to taste their famous pizzas, eat their Panzerotti and go shopping in the streets.


First, we arrived at The Westin Plasa Hotel, where we were picked up from the airport and stayed for 2 nights.


At around 14:00, we picked up the men from the hotel and set off for the Milanello facilities, where the presentation about the Activity will be made and the anteroom for the next day's match.


Milanello Sports Facility

After about an hour of travel, we arrived at the facility. First we had some food and snacks, then we went to the meeting room where the presentation will be held. First of all, it was time to give general information about Indesit's support your hero event and then to create the teams that the legendary names will play.

There were 3 teams. AC Milan, Arsenal ve Paris Saint-GermanImagine that you will be playing in Sansiro by wearing the jerseys of these three great teams. I think it is the dream of every man who is interested in football…


Then, legendary names began to be invited to the stage. Imagine that the names listed below are standing in front of you on the stage.


All of them are legendary star football players. I Paris St-German I joined the team. in our staff Zambrotta and our Technical Director daniel bravo was. Who can stand against such a team :) Everyone suddenly felt like million dollar football players.

from other teams Arsenal' de Tont ADAMS – Robert PIRES, AC Milanin Franco BARESI – Daniele Massaro


After the teams were determined, everyone went to the training ground and gathered together with their own team. It was a great experience to learn vital tactics such as short runs, how to pass, how to dribble, from the right people. Think about it Gianluca Zambort teaches you how to pass.

We divided the team into two and played 7 matches between us. There were also many professionals in the team. They were running well, I was tired even in the first ten minutes, but I got out of the way and scored the only goal of the game :) Don't believe it if you see it in your dream :)

The weather in Italy is very changeable, especially in this weather. I have a cousin who lives in Milan. He told us that the weather is fine, but bring an umbrella, just in case. When it started to rain during practice, I understood what he meant. All of a sudden, hailstones the size of lentils began to fall. We were puzzled how to escape inside.



Hail at Milanello Facilities

Of course, this was a different experience for us. After the training, we returned to the hotel and went to the restaurant for dinner.

The next day was the big day. After a hearty breakfast at the hotel, we set out for the famous San Siro Stadium. Everyone was excited, everyone was curious. Girlfriends and spouses who would support us would also come to the stadium later. When I saw the stadium from afar, I realized that it was not a dream but actually a reality.


San Siro Stadium

First we set foot in the stadium and they gave us a short presentation. It's a very different experience, it's fascinating to be walking on the grass to that booth.

We entered the locker room and put on our uniforms in the lockers that were reserved for us according to our names. Everything was thought out and implemented down to the smallest detail.

The time of the tournament was approaching and the excitement was increasing. our technical director daniel bravo He gave us tactics about the game and determined who would play where on the field. I preferred to play right back. My condition was not very good and I guessed that I would not be able to run much in attacks.


When getting tactics from Daiel Bravo

The match time came and we headed towards the stadium with that gas. We were waiting right in front of the door of the stadium with AC Milan, which we were going to play. We were hearing the last sound of music and applause outside. It was as if the stadium was packed and all the fans were waiting for us to take the field. The atmosphere was like a derby.

The server invited us to the stadium by counting their names one by one. Hearing my name echoing in San Siro was priceless…

Everything happens, but this is an experience that can be said to be impossible if you pay money…

We went to the stadium and started two rivals matches :)


A view from the match

I thought that if they acted mercifully, they would divide the stadium into two and we would play like that, but we played a match from goal to goal in the big stadium. Even sprinting from the back to the midfield makes the horse crack :) At that moment, I realized that football is hard work, friend...

How did these guys run nonstop in the big stadium for 90 minutes, those who don't run one-on-one don't know :)

We conceded a goal in the first match. We conceded a goal in the second match as well :) However, we seemed to be the strongest team? We did not understand what happened, but we did not give up. This is San Siro, there is no way out :)

When we scored a goal against the other team, we went to penalties. We finished the tournament as the 2nd in the ranking by taking penalties with a single goal. Of course everything was for friendship :)

We took the signatures of famous football players on the hats and t-sorts given to us after the match. I guess guys haven't signed that many in their football life.

After this pleasant day, in the evening Milan's famous restaurant Just Cavalli Hollywood We got tired with a nice dinner and entertainment.


The next day was the return day. We were going to be transferred to the airport around 3 pm, but we had no intention of returning :)

As I mentioned above, my cousin was living in Milan and we didn't want to spend time with him and we didn't want to go back without seeing Venice. We had already booked the return of our plane tickets to Venice Marco Polo before we even arrived.

We did a comprehensive tour of Milan during the day with friends. We walked there and there until we saw the black waters descend on our feet.

In the evening, when it was time for the transfer of the team, the cousin picked us up from the hotel and thus the second step of the adventure began.

Thanks to everyone involved in this organization.

Nilay's Note: The photos we took in this area will continue to come :) So many that it will take time to edit and share.


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