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Iftar Menus 2013 (Day 16)

Release Date: 19-07-2013
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Hello Dear Friends,

This year my iftar menus I tried to prepare it in a way suitable for hot days. I hope to create menus that are light, practical and as delicious as possible.

I set menus during Ramadan, I will share with you day by day. I hope it will help and guide you in preparing your own menus.

summer ramadan menus

A few suggestions:

  • Make sure to include soup in your iftar menu.
  • Avoid very fatty, salty or sweet foods.
  • Instead of eating fast, eat food slowly and by chewing a lot.
  • Consume water regularly after iftar to make up for the water you lose during the day, and prefer milky and fruity desserts instead of sherbet desserts.
  • Consume plenty of buttermilk and yogurt to meet your water and calcium needs.
  • Your choice of bread is not only Ramadan pita; Use with walnut, whole grain, whole wheat breads.

Don't miss the taste in your mouth.


16. Day Iftar Menu
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