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Giresun Trip – Anatolian Route

Release Date: 02-03-2016
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Hello Dear Friends,

Last weekend, we went on a tour of Giresun and Ordu with the sponsorship of Anadolu Jet Advantage Route. With a group of 30 people in total, this is the first stop of this tour, which gives a feast to our palates and visuals. Giresun I wanted to prepare a short but detailed article for (I know, we are all bored with long articles.) Of course, I have prepared a video consisting of 2 parts for this trip, not just dry writing.

local delicacies

Our first stop on Saturday was Giresun's famous kadayif maker, Patar Kadayif. This is the place I would definitely recommend to those going to Giresun to stop by first :) Mustafa Patar took good care of us and did not offend me, although the shop was very crowded, and briefly explained the tricks of cooking kadayif in his small workshop on the top floor. They use milk and butter in their kadayifs, especially Mustafa Bey's invention of kadayif with hazelnut paste is a legend.

After eating our kadayifs, we quickly moved to our second stop, Kulakkaya Plateau. Approximately 45 km from Giresun. The plateau, located at a distance of 1700, is a natural beauty. I was enchanted by going to the plateau for the first time :)


But if there is something I will never forget as much as its natural beauty, it is the lunch we had at Yayla Butcher, run by Mr. Baki with his family. The most delicious yogurt I have ever eaten and pear molasses that I tasted for the first time left their mark on the day. Of course, meats and pickled pickles are also a topic for an article on their own :) What made me happy is that family friends from Ankara, the town, have been following me for many years. Imagine, you leave Istanbul and go to a plateau in Giresun and meet people who follow you. Once again, I realized what a great job blogging is.


When it started to get almost dark, we set out for Tirebolu. Even though I was a little sad because I couldn't see Tirebolu in the daytime, the warm conversation of Mr. Şevket, who welcomed us at the Dogal Shop, and his delicious local delicacies took away this sadness. (You can find Mr. Şevket's speech on his contribution to the Natural Shop and Tirebolu in the video.)


Roasted Stinging Nettle, Black Nuts, Roasted Clumsies, Kaldirik Grass, Chicken Mushrooms, Gabalak Pickles, Cherry Salted, Pickled Cheese, Kos Mushrooms, What I remember are the wonderful local delicacies that I tasted on this trip.

In my opinion, gastronomy tours should be organized as well as tours for its natural beauties to this wonderful city.

Kitchen Secrets – Giresun Trip -VLOG 1

Thanks to the press advisor dear Mustafa Öztürk and Giresun Governor Hasan Karahan, who informed us throughout the Giresun tour.

Endless thanks to AnadoluJet family. Advantageous Routes You can get information for here.

For the photos shared under the #AnadoluRotası title You can visit my instagram page.




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"Giresun Trip – Anatolian Route2 comments for ”

  • March 03, 2016 at 17:21

    You have come to our city, I am very glad that you are satisfied, we look forward to seeing you again :)

  • March 03, 2016 at 14:23

    Nilay, it was a great trip. I wish you continued success ;)


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