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When Choosing the Bride's Bouquet…

Release Date: 29-04-2009
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One of the only accessories that completes the wedding dress is the bridal bouquet. You can have your bouquet made from fresh flowers. You can use fragrant dried flowers or even mix dried and fresh flowers to create different arrangements. I still keep my bridal bouquet as a souvenir.

Now let's take a look at what we should pay attention to and a few examples that I like for you.

Bride's bouquet

-The bridal bouquet should be suitable for the wedding dress and wedding concept.
-Short brides may prefer rounder bouquets, taller brides may prefer more draped bouquets.
-The bridal bouquet should be of a weight and size that the bride can carry comfortably.
- The place where the bridal flower will be held should not be larger than the palm of the bride.
- If you prefer flowers as a hair accessory, you should make sure that it is compatible with your bridal bouquet.
- The father and brothers of the bride and groom can each wear one of the flowers in the bridal bouquet on their lapels. Thus, your guests can easily recognize the hosts.
- For your bridal bouquet, talk to your florist beforehand and let them know which flowers you would like to use. Otherwise, if you want a flower that is not always available, such as an orchid, you may be disappointed.
-Your florist may request the fabric of your wedding dress for the ribbon of your hand bouquet. For this reason, you should obtain this from your wedding dressmaker beforehand.

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