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Our Traditional Holiday Tastes

Release Date: 01-07-2016
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Holidays cause many good things; quarrels reconcile, families gather together, little ones do holiday shopping, and a sweet bustle fills the houses. In the mornings of the feast, children visit the houses in the vicinity and collect holiday candy by celebrating the holidays of their elders. The most beautiful part of the holiday is the feast tables, in which traditional holiday flavors, which change from region to region, play the leading role. In this article, we have researched different holiday flavors in our country and listed them for you with their recipes. I hope your holiday will be full of peace and happiness this year too, happy holidays!

candy feast
  • Baklava: Baklava, which is an indispensable part of Turkish cuisine, is served to guests in many parts of our country during the holidays. Gaziantep is the most famous city for its baklava, and Gaziantep baklava is usually made with pistachios. In addition, baklava can be preferred with hazelnuts in the Black Sea, walnuts in Central Anatolia, almonds in the Coastal Aegean, and sesame or walnuts in Thrace.

For the homemade baklava recipe:

  • Thimble Soup: Thimble soup, which belongs to the Adana region, is not missing from the feast tables in Adana. This soup, which includes mantı and stands out with its filling, is also very tasty. Following this taste, the people of Adana decorate their tables with Taş Kadayif dessert.

For the homemade thimble soup recipe:

  • Laz pastry: Laz pastry, which is served as a holiday dessert in many parts of the Black Sea, is especially preferred in Rize. Laz pastry, which has been available in different versions recently, can also be interpreted as puff pastry instead of phyllo as it is easier to make.

For the homemade laz pastry recipe:

  • Kekkek: Although it differs according to the regions in Anatolia, Thrace and the Black Sea region, keskek appears as a wedding and festive meal. In our provinces such as Muş, Antalya and Sakarya, the smell of keskek rises from the houses on feast days and the holidays are quite delicious.

For the home-bake recipe:

  • Kadaif stuffing: Although it may seem difficult to make from the outside, feasts in Erzurum do not pass without stuffed kadayif. Apart from this delicious dessert made with walnuts or hazelnuts, kete from the Erzurum region also brightens the tables.

For the stuffed kadayif recipe at home:

  • Ayranasi: Ayranşı, which is one of the flavors of the city of Iğdır, is actually owned by many regions and can be interpreted differently. However, it is especially preferred in Van and Erzurum during the holidays. Especially in these times when the heat starts, this holiday seems to be one of the most beautiful meals to be made.

For the homemade buttermilk recipe:

  • Kömbe dessert: Kömbe, which is consumed in various parts of Anatolia in the form of pastry with potatoes or minced meat; It took a completely different turn in Antakya. Kömbe dessert, which is a kind of cookie, is offered to guests every holiday in Hatay and continues to be one of the countless flavors of Antakya.

For the homemade kömbe dessert recipe:

  • Revani: Revani, one of the unique flavors of Turkish cuisine just like baklava, was invented by the palace cooks after the conquest of Armenia and Eriva during the Ottoman period. Today, Revani is consumed lovingly in many parts of the country and adds color to the tables, especially in the Thrace region, on holidays.

For the homemade revani recipe:


We did not forget our other provinces; Here are the festive flavors from our different regions:

Edirne: liver wrap, lamb cover, cabbage rolls and sour meatballs.

Tekirdag: Cut pasta, Tekirdağ meatballs, yoghurt borani and cheese (Hayrabolu) dessert.

Sakarya: Lime Vezirpar, Kemalpasa dessert, shamba and sugarpare.

Izmir: Olive Oils, dash meatballs, Şevketibostan meal and lokma dessert.

Intellectual: Fried fries, baklava and zucchini dessert.

Balikesir: Höşmerim, Susurluk Ayran and in the slightest.

Antalya: Çılbır, keskek, slave, şakşuka and pumpkin dessert.

Myrtle: Hot bread, squeezing, pastry and Cezerye.

Antioch: Bread patties, stuffed eggplant, lebeniye and kumbe dessert.

Nevsehir: Bazlama, biryan, bulgur soup and compote.

Gaziantep: Whipped soup with yoghurt, nesting, katmer and baklava.

Malatya: Rolled yufka pastry, kömbe, maternity soup.

Erzurum: Stuffed leaves, water rolls, kete and kadayif stuffed.

Kars: Sour meat dish, stuffed apple made from green lentils and walnuts.

Elazig: tattoo soup, stuffed meatballs and baklava.

From: Ayranasi, poached egg, paluza, pottery stew and Van baklava.

Karabuk: Pancakes, well kebab, black beetroot, bazlama and höşmerim.

Rize: Mıhlama, kale soup and laz pastry.

Zonguldak: Corn keskek, meatballs with vinegar, pumpkin pie and tarhana soup.

Artvin: Grass soup, mock wrap, water rolls and blueberry pie.


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