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Breadcrumbs Flour and Olive Paste Pastry

Release Date: 05-03-2008
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Friends, a small disaster happened to Hilal lady, but she still gave us this practical and beautiful recipe despite all the negativity. We look forward to seeing your photo as soon as possible. Good luck with your hands :)

Olive Paste

Hello . I made you very easy and delicious pastries this morning (at 7 o'clock) :) But what happened? I made my pastries, took beautiful pictures, and put them in the oven :). When he came out, I said let me take his pictures on the plate. And disaster, the electricity went out :( Naturally, my buns are not cooked, I am sending you the recipe again, but with a temporary picture. I will make it again as soon as possible and send my own picture.


200 gr. margarine
1 tea cup oil
1 teaspoon of yogurt
1 egg white
1 package baking powder
4 water glass flour
2 tea spoon salt
For the above:

some breadcrumbs and egg yolk

For Inside:

olive paste


Put all the ingredients in our margarine, which we keep at room temperature (except breadcrumbs and egg yolk). We prepare a dough in the form of an earlobe.
After kneading our dough well, we take egg-sized pieces and put 1 teaspoon of olive paste in the middle, first close the mouth of our dough and then roll it. We dip our rolled pastries first in beaten egg yolk and then in breadcrumbs. We bake it for 180-25 minutes in our oven, which we previously heated at 30 degrees.

Note : Whatever we do with the pastry, if we preheat our oven to at least 150 degrees, the results will be more perfect.

With the hope that your electricity will not be cut off…

Enjoy your meal :)

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  • On April 24, 2009 at 22:01 PM

    a little vinegar makes everything crispy your site is great

  • On December 15, 2008 at 13:34

    hello, how do you do such excellent things, I really congratulate you. I have a question for you. What should I do to make the rolls crispy and crispy?

    • On December 15, 2008 at 20:25

      Hello Canancı,
      I hope we will be together in many, very good recipes as you said.
      My dear, I tried 1 teaspoon of mahaleb in my salty cookie recipe and they were really crunchy, so I recommend you to try them in cookies, pastry, rolls, but I can't tell you anything for sure because I haven't made baklava pastry by hand yet :( but I will research and come back again.



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