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How to Make Black Olives at Home?

Release Date: 23-11-2015
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Hello Dear Friends,

Last week's recipe matured and now served. it was my crushed green olives. It's time for this week with my homemade black olives I started.

I picked my olives with my hands on the holiday of October 29, I separated the blacks and greens and set them separately. The taste and color of my black olives have returned, but for those who do not like spicy (other name for mild bitterness :)) like me, they have at least 15-20 days more.

black olive making

Everyone has their own measure. I used 1 tablespoons of rock salt for 1 kilo or even 100 kilo of 3 grams of black olives. This measure is quite suitable for my taste, you can go up to 100-150 grams of salt for one kilo, but you should soak it in water for 1 night before eating it. According to my taste, there is no need to add water in the measurements I made.


Now, of course, because I picked it from the branch with my own hands. meaty olives I chose them, naturally, they were not bruised or bruised. If you are going to collect it yourself or buy it from the market, be careful to choose shiny black, fleshy and unblemished ones.



How to Make Black Olives at Home? Ingredients for the Recipe

• 1 kilo of meat raw black olives
• 3 tablespoons of rock salt (brine salt)
• 2 liter glass or plastic jar

How to Make Black Olives at Home? How To Make The Recipe?

1. Wash the olives and leave to drain.
2. Put the strained olives in a 2 liter plastic or glass jar.
3. Add salt on it and close the lid and shake until the salt is dispersed.
4. Shake the olive jar for 30-1 minutes every day for 2 days to mix the salt and release the olive juice.
5. Olives will begin to shrink and release their water over time. After 15 days, you can pour the accumulated water. You can continue pouring as the water accumulates.
6. You can serve your ripened and sweetened olives with olive oil and lemon after 1,5 -2 months.
7. I don't put it, but you can divide it into jars if you want.

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  • On December 18, 2018 at 02:06

    Good day, I made black olives, but I put a lot of salt in the water and kept them in warm water for days, but the salt is not gone, what can I do?

  • On November 15, 2017 at 13:47 PM

    Hello, I have tried many of your recipes and loved them all. Before the black olives are established yet, I would like to give you an alternative recipe for oiled olives to this dry flood, as a Gemlik citizen :) For 5 kg of black olives (if you prefer the shriveled one, it will be less wasted) 1 glass of rock salt, 1/2 tea glass of oil (olive) oil) and 1/4 teaspoon vinegar. Just as you described above, it is necessary to shake/roll it every day for 1 month until the black water is completely removed. Then pour the water and leave the olive in a cool place out of the sun for a few months. Then, on an April morning, for example, check to see if it happened. If the bitterness is completely gone and your delicious, delicious olive is looking at you to eat me, pour the black water that comes out of the bottom of the bowl, put as much salt on the olive as your two palms will take and mix it. Let it wait for 1 night. When you get it in the bowl, just pass it under the water, by the way. Then eat it to your heart's content.


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