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With Which Foods Should You Start Complementary Food?

Release Date: 19-08-2019
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Journey to Additional Food

The 6th month is the feeding period of our little ones who meet life. A meeting phase that brings habits with it. During this period, nutritional food choices are very important. So what should we pay attention to, what foods can we introduce our little ones to this period?

switch to solid food

6. Month Nutrients

  • continue breastfeeding
  • Water (must be boiled and cooled)
  • Yoghurt
  • Fruit and vegetable juices and purees
  • molasses
  • Egg yolk (at the rate of ¼)
  • You can also make pudding with rice flour in breast milk.

With Which Foods Should You Start Complementary Food?

The first foods to start are yogurt, apple or peach juice. After the 3-day rule, you can make vegetable soup with the vegetables tried and give it to your baby. (For example, zucchini, carrot, potato) (Previous post for the 3-day rule………………….)

What Should Be Considered When Starting Supplementary Food?

Give the food by crushing not only the juicy parts, but also the grain parts.

Take care to give the food with a spoon or a cup, not with a bottle.

Make sure your baby is in a sitting position while feeding.

Try a new food when your baby is hungry, do not force if he is not eating or pushing, try again later.

Despite the constipation problem in your baby during this period, be sure to give water and enough breast milk, especially in the summer months.

What are the foods that can threaten your baby? In our next article..

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