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Delicatessen Nisantasi and Sweet Love

Release Date: 14-02-2011
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Last week, I received 2-3 different invitations for the weekend, but the only invitation that really excited me was Delicatessen's Sweet Love workshop. Before Valentine's Day, my wife and I decided to attend this party.

food seminars

Esra Özkutlu was leading this delightful workshop on French desserts. It turns out that we were writing together with Esra, the notorious Irmik lady, on, but I didn't know about it. I was even happier when I remembered it later :)

We had a great time making eclairs, strawberry fraisier and orange lemon tartlets accompanied by delicious open sandwiches and delicious port wines.

When you go to Nişantaşı or if you want to spend 3 hours of your Sunday with food, I suggest you stop by Delicatessen.

What is Delicatessen?

Delicatessen is a food and beverage concept with the philosophy that good food is the foundation of life pleasure.

The only goal of the entire Delicatessen team is to bring a breath of fresh air to the fast-paced daily life of Istanbul, which is a world metropolis, and the menu structures of its venues that are increasingly similar to each other, and to turn the eating and drinking experience into a flavor festival.

Different from the usual recipes, the Delicatessen menu, created with the understanding of "back to basics", is accompanied by a rich wine menu that completes a perfect dining experience with a 1000-bottle wine cellar, food pairing suggestions and tasting notes.

At Delicatessen, all time zones in a day, from breakfast to dinner, from evening cocktail to '5 tea', are diversified with different flavor surprises that change according to the season.

Delicatessen Services:

Delicatessen offers its customers a better and delicious food and beverage experience at its Nişantaşı branch.
In addition to offering
It is also at your service with the service contents created so that they can access it when they need it.

Delicatessen in your home

Created in line with "Home Entertainment", that is, "home parties and a return to home entertainment", which has recently come to the fore among global trends, "Delicatessen At Your Home" is leading a new field that will become popular in the food and beverage industry.

Whether it's a romantic dinner, a brunch with close friends, a birthday party for 50 people, or a lunch for 10 people, the Delicatessen team creates special menus with you in different concepts for all your invitations.

Delicatessen Accessories

You can buy different ingredients, sauces, delicatessen products, wine from the rich wine list at retail prices, as well as glass, wooden and ceramic kitchenware and presentation products specially designed for Delicatessen.

In the 'Delicatessen Accessories' series, there are limited edition glass, wood and ceramic products, from cheese and charcuterie boards to serving plates, from lanterns to cake molds.

Delicatessen Signature Catering

Delicatessen Signature Catering, with its professional and creative team; It aims to serve your catering needs of all types and concepts, from special dinners for 10 people to company meetings for 500 people, by bringing different perspectives and personalized solutions.

The concept called “Signature Catering” by Elif Yalın, the creator of Delicatessen and one of the leading chefs of Turkey, the design of the entire catering service for that event regardless of the size and the event, the catering experience that is taken for granted.
It sets out from the idea that it offers a special eating and drinking pleasure, unlike its applications.

Delicatessen Workshops

In its workshops, it aims to share different topics of food culture with the participants by cooking and chatting together in a natural kitchen environment. They see each workshop as an opportunity to establish a closer relationship with their guests, to learn more about their wishes and tastes, and to convey their principles and truths with them.

Delicatessen workshops, which started in December 2010, are held monthly on Sunday afternoons.

In their first workshop on December 5th, they hosted Cenap Şişmanoğlu, who shared the story of the olive oil brand Makaron, produced in Ayvalık, and the cooking delicacies of olive oil.

All passionate food fans can enjoy exclusive guest talks, cooking classes and practices at this series of events. In addition to the chefs, the workshops will include creative names related to the food and beverage industry or related to food.

At Delicatessen workshops, you may encounter a catering specialist from New York, a food stylist from London, or a DJ from Copenhagen whose interest in food can't be beat.

The workshop topics are not limited to cooking, but also many different topics such as the presentation of the food, the use of different seasonal ingredients, local tastes, food culture, history...

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