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Chocolate Teddy Bear Muffin

Release Date: 08-09-2009
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Good luck to you Ms. Ayfer, this is a very delicious recipe that especially children will love.

Ayfer Hanım said: “I liked a muffin I made the other day and I wanted to share it here. First of all, since the mold I have is shaped, 6 muffins with teddy bear motifs came out with this recipe, but in normal molds, you can easily get 10. ”

muffin recipe
Chocolate Teddy Bear Muffin

Ingredients for Chocolate Teddy Bear Muffin Recipe

-180 g flour
-2 spoons of baking powder
-3 eggs
-100 g sugar
-120 g butter or margarine
-half a glass of chocolate chips

for the top:

-2 packs of chocolate

If desired, lemon peel or other fruits can be used instead of chocolate chips.

How To Make Chocolate Teddy Bear Muffin Recipe?

First we separate the egg white and yolk. After whisking the whites to a creamy consistency, we come to the yolks. Mix the sugar, chocolate chips and milk. We can adjust the amount of milk here by eye. 1–2 glasses will be enough to open the consistency of egg yolk, chocolate and sugar.
Then we pour the baking powder into the flour and mix it all together and pour it into the molds that we greased beforehand.
When it comes to cooking, we preheat the oven. We bring the heated oven to 180 degrees. Just after the muffins are baked, we leave the chocolate on top. The already hot muffins melt the chocolate with their own heat. So there is no need to pre-melt.
You can serve it hot or cold.

Bon Appetit!

Prepared by: Ayfer Yilmaz

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