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What is Chia Seed? What are the Benefits?

Release Date: 29-09-2016
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Hello Dear Friends,
You are aware of the fact that I have been wrapping it in seeds lately :) When I cook all the time due to my job, I try to include such more practical, healthy and delicious alternatives in my daily meals as much as possible. Quinoa comic Chia and one of these delicious seeds. It is much more practical to use. Currently, the most popular version is uncooked puddings mixed with different milks and yoghurt. Don't worry, I'll post the recipe tomorrow and add it here :)

Chia It is also an ancient seed and has been used since the Maya and Aztecs. Its popularity has increased with the emergence of its benefits thanks to recent research. At first, it could not enter the kitchen very much due to its expensive prices and scarcity. Currently, 500 grams is around 9 liras. 1 tablespoon is enough for 1 day or for a recipe (for example chia pudding) considering the use of 3-6 tablespoons at most, we can say that it is quite economical.

what is quinoa

You can use it in desserts, especially in desserts that you will prepare without sugar, in salads, smoothies, cookies and cakes.

benefits of chia We would not exaggerate the height. It contains more omega 3 than salmon, more potassium than banana and more iron than spinach.

  • Chia seeds hold 12 times more liquid than their weight, creating a feeling of satiety.
  • Help to lose weight.
  • It helps balance blood sugar.
  • The omega 3 it contains is very beneficial for brain and heart health.
  • Thanks to the high fiber it contains, it meets the daily fiber needs of the body. It helps to clean the intestines.
  • It is a very powerful antioxidant.


Note: Quinoa You can find my recipe for it here. Chia Pudding You can find the recipe here.


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