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Rye Walnut Bread

Release Date: 28-03-2008
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It is a bread recipe that you can consume at all meals, but especially adds pleasure to breakfast.  

bread baking machine


270 ml. That
1,5-2 teaspoons of salt
370 gr. Fame
90 gr. Rye flour
1,5 teaspoons instant yeast
1- 1,5 cups of walnut kernels


First of all, we beat the walnuts in a pestle without breaking them too much. We sift and mix two types of flour in a bowl.
Then 270ml. We put the water, flour mixture and yeast into the chamber of the bread baking machine. As soon as the machine finishes the first kneading process, we add our walnuts.
I chose the bread program no. 2 on my machine, the result was quite good.

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