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Release Date: 22-02-2011
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After Sunday breakfast, we decided to wander around Kadıköy and enjoy our last holiday day. Since the weather was quite cold, we stopped by different places from time to time to warm up and chat.

Flavor Stops

The cafe&shop, which we haven't had the opportunity to go for a long time, was our first stop on this trip. A cafe, which is easily separated from many places in Kadıköy with its green entrance, is a calm, pleasant and quite warm place. When it changed hands recently, its decoration was also played with. I have to admit that I like the old decoration more.

Since we were having breakfast, we ordered cappuccino and brownie and chatted. Nuran, who brought us our cappuccinos, was included in our conversation from time to time.

Many objects found in the Cafe are for sale (there were more pieces in the past), and each piece has a story. For example, the sewing machine is 150 years old and belongs to Nuran's grandmother. She started sewing when the bank she worked for was closed years ago. She bought herself a sewing machine, she. When her grandmother, whom she referred to as Pink Mom, passed away, this machine was given to her by her siblings because she was interested in sewing. She has used this machine for years, she decided to sell it because she no longer uses it and to contribute to her grandchild's school expenses. The price of the sewing machine is 125 TL, and the old model furniture phone is 150 TL.

On weekend mornings, it is an ideal place for long breakfasts that are generally quiet and have lots of conversation. You can also taste some dishes and desserts from world cuisines.

After we finished our delicious Brownies, we left Cafe&Shop with its warm atmosphere, modest backyard and recipe-smelling decorations in mind.

Address: Bahariye Cad. Haci Sukru Sk. No:11/1 Kadikoy – Istanbul
Phone: 216 347 93 62

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  • On April 05, 2011 at 16:13 PM

    we used to go here a lot in 95-96 if it was the same place


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