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How to Portion Whole Chicken?

Release Date: 25-11-2015
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Hello Dear Friends,

This week, our culinary school section will be quite festive. Professional culinary training starts with cutting and chopping techniques, sauces, etc., and continues. The priority is usually vegetables, but because I got too many questions, I gave the first place to the chicken :) We usually tend to boil or bake the chicken as a whole, but we can use it efficiently by dividing it into portions.

You can use the leftover pieces from the chicken you opened with the method in this video to make homemade healthy broth. Thus, you evaluate the whole chicken. Homemade Chicken Stock to my recipe You can find it here.

chicken portioning

Apart from voice-over, I also share the method in writing. Thus, you can both listen and watch and read and go through the places you do not understand.

As soon as possible, I will be sharing with you new videos on how to fillet fish, how to prepare fish broth, and cutting and chopping techniques.

from chicken breasts You can find the schnitzel here.

Video Lecture:



How to Portion Whole Chicken?

  • To avoid slipping when cutting your chicken into pieces, first dry it with a towel as soon as you get it on the cutting board.
  • We start by separating the bones that we will use for the broth of our chicken from the wing tips.
  • We cut from the joint that connects your wing tip to the wing.
  • We take the wing aside from the joint in the same way. We do the same for the other wing.
  • We cut off the excess skin from the chicken.
  • In order to separate the chicken breast more easily, we find the wishbone with our hands and make a cut with the tip of the knife and pull out the wishbone with our finger.
  • To separate the chest and thigh, carefully cut from the joint to the bone, opening the thigh outward from the joint.
  • When the knife comes to the junction point, we separate the bone from the joint and cut it with the help of a knife and separate the leg.
  • Turn the back of the chicken and open the wing outward from the joint and carefully cut from the junction to the bone.
  • When the blade comes to the junction point, we separate the bone from the joint and cut it with the help of a knife and separate the wing.
  • We separate the breast from the sternum and as close to the sternum as possible.
  • We divide the remaining piece in two to use in making chicken broth.
  • If you are not going to use the whole thighs in your hand, you can easily separate them from the joint with your finger.
  • If you're going to grill the thighs, you can align the bone and peel it off the bone.
  • If you are going to make a schnitzel, remove the skin of the breast meat, cut it back starting from the thickest part and open it like a book.



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