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Boutique Cookie 2

Release Date: 24-10-2008
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Yesterday was my dear colleague Elvan's birthday, I prepared a cake made of sugar paste for him. I didn't have time to write to you for 2 days since I was designing the cake when I was free outside of work and dealing with making it overnight. I used sponge cake and pastry cream that I learned at Ventura Pastry Workshop in the making of the cake. I will share the photos with you tomorrow.

Friends, I would like to introduce my new blog www.butik to you. Cookies making, decorations, tips, your cookies, everything you want to know about cookies, even cookies that you like and want to do but you say you don't have time to make, will also be sold. A new and beautiful formation, I'm sure the room will develop and become more beautiful thanks to you, just like the Kitchen Secrets.

Lastly, I was only able to publish the wooden horses from the boutique cookies I made recently, and I promised to publish the others. Tatatatammm here are my other cookie works. Love to all…

Cookie Valentine,

christmas cookie

christmas cookie,

Christmas Cookie

Duck Cookies,

Duck Cookies

Cookie Boy

Cookie Boy

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  • Sept. 01, 2010 at 16:08 pm

    I eat them :) they turned out very nice. Good luck to you.


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