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10 Delicious Recipes with Broccoli

Release Date: 21-03-2019
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One of the most favorite vegetables of the winter months must be broccoli. Even picky kids usually love broccoli. We can even call broccoli a savanna tree in children's imaginations :) I think that those who don't like it are because of their prejudices :)

li pasta

Besides the delicious taste of broccoli, the best thing for me is that it is practical. You can add broccoli, which is cooked in as little as 5 minutes, to many recipes. Even if you don't have time, you can just add lemon and just put it on the table. I think it goes well with almost everything because it doesn't have such a strong taste. The thing you need to pay attention to while cooking is not to be exposed to heat for too long. If you boil or cook it for a long time, it will turn pale and lose its freshness. This is something we do not want at all, so that it does not lose its taste. And another tip about broccoli is if you put it in ice water after boiling it, you will have more vibrant colored and fresher broccoli.

If you have chosen the greenest broccoli that has not faded and the tiny buds on it have not grown, recipes with broccoli are waiting for you!

Broccoli soup

Even those who do not like broccoli are likely to love this soup. You can find the details of the soup, which has a soft texture thanks to the cream in it.

Carrot Leek Broccoli Soup

As the name suggests, there are different vegetables in this broccoli soup, unlike the previous soup recipe. The recipe for broccoli soup with plenty of vegetables, which has a great consistency, is in this link.

Broccoli Salad

This may be the most prepared recipe with broccoli. You can combine boiled broccoli and vegetables (with ready-made canned garnish if you want) and turn it into a wonderful salad with the addition of one or two dressings. The recipe is here.

Creamy Broccoli Pasta

I can't explain how this healthy broccoli suits the pasta with lots of carbohydrates :) With a few small additions, it has been confirmed by different sources that even those who do not like broccoli love this pasta! Click for the recipe.

Pea Broccoli Soup

When you combine the peas thrown in the freezer in the summer (although you can find them in the markets whenever you want) with the broccoli of the winter months, a soup that radiates fragrant smells emerges. You can find the recipe for the very 'green' soup by clicking here.

Creamy Broccoli Soup

Unlike other broccoli soups, this soup is not green but white :) In the soup recipe, which is thickened with roasted flour, different techniques are also applied compared to the others; It also includes mushrooms. Here is the recipe for the soup, which is at least as delicious as the others.

Broccoli Fries

This recipe is somewhat reminiscent of the Japanese 'tempura' technique. You dip the boiled broccoli in the liquid mixture that will make it tastier and fry it. And the result is very tasty. Here is the link for those who want to try it.

Broccoli Mash

You can also make an appetizer from broccoli. The preparation of the appetizer, which is quite delicious, is also called 'sip-snap'. Your broccoli mash is ready when you pass it through the blender and make a few additions. Click to try the recipe.

Broccoli with Cheddar Sauce

When cheese is involved, there is no recipe that is not delicious for me :) The cheddar cheese sauce you will use with boiled broccoli will take you to another duel with those who do not like broccoli. If you win, I think it's very likely :) You can find the recipe here.

Chicken with Broccoli

When bechamel sauce, chicken and broccoli come together, the flavor is legendary. The recipe, which can be considered practical in the oven, is one of the good alternatives for dinner. You can find the recipe here.

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