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Blackberry Liqueur

Release Date: 21-10-2007
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Its cake, jam, liquor, all are more beautiful than the other. Blackberry is a fruit. The recipe is already very simple. You don't have to complete all the spices, but add the cardamom and cloves. Love…

Blackberry Liqueur


1 kg of blackberries
300 g granulated sugar
300 g of ethyl alcohol
2 liters of drinking water
1 cinnamon stick
1 nutmeg
4-5 cloves
4-5 pieces of cardamom
1g of amber


Blackberries are thoroughly cleaned and washed. It is placed in a glass jar. Alcohol and spices are added. sugar is dissolved in hot water and added to the jar and its mouth is tightly closed. It is stored for 2,5 months in a place out of the sun and light. When it is opened, 1 glass of quality cognac is added on it.

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    hello please inform me
    What does 1 gram of amber mean?


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