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Kitchen Secrets is getting bigger and better day by day. Aiming to win your appreciation with its original content and tried-and-tested recipes, Kitchen Secrets is also promoted in the press and broadcast.

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1. Kitchen Secrets Introduced in Turkish Site

2. Monthly Food and Culinary Magazine Ray Gurme (Columnist)

3. Kitchen Secrets in Hürriyet Newspaper

4. Access to Kitchen Secrets from Mynet

5. 20 Minutes Newspaper – The Sweetest Form of Cake (Full Page)

6. Jam Making in Star Tv Main News Bulletin

7. Kitchen Secrets on Expert TV

8. Pcnet November 2009 issue – We are listed among Turkey's top 50 blogs

9. Kitchen Secrets We were among the top 2009 blogs in the 10 Almanac issue of DigitalAge, Monthly Business and Culture Magazine.

10. Kitchen Secrets in Cumhuriyet Newspaper

11. Kitchen Secrets cooked in Deryalı Günler (23.03.2010)

12. Kitchen Secrets in Türkmax Everything Tastes Program (13.02.2010)

13. Kitchen Secrets in Posta Newspaper (13.03.2010)

14. Kitchen Secrets in Star Newspaper (16.05.2010)

15. Kitchen Secrets Kanal Türk “What should I cook today?” in the program (21.05.2010)

16. Kitchen Secrets is in Current Magazine! (16.09.2010)

17. Kitchen Secrets in Sabah Newspaper (22.09.2010)

18. Same news on Sabah's website (22.09.2010)

19. Kitchen Secrets in Radikal Newspaper Economy (09.02.2011)

20. Interview with the Colorful Red Magazine of Kitchen Secrets (10.04.2011)

21. "Sleepless Every Night" Program on A News Channel live broadcast. Conversation on Food Blogs.

22. The most clicked recipes in Ramadan (Time Newspaper)

23. Kitchen Secrets in Oyun Gezer Magazine (15.09.2011)

24. Kitchen Secrets was the guest of TürkMax Channel's "Everything Tastes" Program! (22.05.2012)

25. Kitchen Secrets was the guest of TRT Haber “Social Media” Program! (27.01.2013)

26. Kitchen Secrets was the guest of A News "Long Live the Weekend" Program! (23.02.2013)

27. Yeditepe University Social Media Summit – I attended as a speaker (01.03.2013)

28. I participated in the In the Kitchen Program with Mehmet Özer as a Guest Chef. (25.04.2017)

29. Teve2 – I participated in the Women Know Program with Ezgi Sertel as a guest chef (31.10.2017)

30. I participated as a speaker at the Blog Workshop organized by Kadir Has University.  (23.11.2017)

31. I hosted the video shoots with the #Hamurbizimişimiz Hashtag we prepared for Bizim Yağ. (25.11.2017)

32. Teve2 – I participated in the Women Know Program with Ezgi Sertel as a guest chef (12.12.2017)

33. I attended the Delicious Recipes Program with Pelin Karahan as a Guest Chef. (20.12.2017)

34. I joined the Smile to Life with Açelya program on 360 TV as a chef. (06.03.2018)

35. I joined the Smile to Life with Açelya program on 360 TV as a chef. (03.05.2018)

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  • On February 21, 2013 at 14:32

    I'm newly married, I didn't have cakes, both cake, soup and other dishes, whichever I tried, it was great, don't close this page :)

  • On February 05, 2013 at 20:23

    Nilay lady, your recipes look really delicious, good luck to you, I will try it as soon as possible. By the way, your cakes were even more beautiful with the pistachios I wanted from the gourmetmarket, which I saw in the comments above.
    Sometimes the recipes on the internet may not work, but the recipes you give are completely different.
    Also, after trying your mosaic recipe, which I thought I knew for years, I understood your difference once again. The pistachios that I used in the decoration also added a delicious taste, I recommend it to you too.. love ..

  • On November 05, 2012 at 11:08 PM

    Do you take cake orders? If you return to me by e-mail, I can send you a picture about the cake I want.

  • Oct. 18, 2012 at 13:27 PM

    Ms. Nilay,

    We like your meals very much, it is a pleasure to cook with your suggestions.
    I am from Gaziantep. Our food and desserts are very good, but yours is really different.

    By the way, we are more or less gourmets, as you know, we have a gourmet market :) When the spices and local products of our market are combined with your experiences, very good dishes come out.

    If you go to Gaziantep, we are waiting for you.

    Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  • on May 08, 2012 at 00:50

    How can we subscribe to this site?

  • On April 23, 2012 at 14:54 PM

    I saw that there is great information, they are all wonderful and saving recipes, I think I thank you for opening this site.

  • On June 03, 2011 at 13:37 PM

    Nilayhan, can you let me know what time was the 4th of June barbecue party?

  • on May 31, 2011 at 21:27

    Greetings Ms. Nilay,

    We talked to you about the traditional barbecue party close to a week ago. I wanted to come with my plus 1 and his situation was not clear yet, he called me to say he would join right after you so I was actually caught in the middle. I wrote to you right away, but there was no response from you either. What do you think, can I join the party with plus 1? :)

    • On June 01, 2011 at 11:12 PM

      Hello Tusi, you can join with +1 in, I did not receive your mail, but otherwise I would reply immediately.


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