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Spring Has Come, The Sun Has Risen…

Release Date: 08-05-2012
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We said spring has come, but in fact, it's pretty much summer. It was hidrellez yesterday. With the arrival of spring, we are all fluttering inside. Flowers, trees, sun, we celebrate spring together. What did someone say sun?

I don't know about you, but I'm a white skinned person who is allergic to everything. This reminds me every spring that I need maximum protection from the sun. You know, when you say that spring has just come and nothing will happen and you leave the house with your t-shirt, you come in the evening, you are burned by the sun and the traces of those on you are gone, I experience this every year, even last week it happened to me again.

We were going to meet with my sisters last week, in the morning I got bored at home and got dressed and left. The weather was wonderful. I said nothing will happen in the morning. I waited for my sisters to sit in Dolmabahçe for a while. When I got home in the evening, there was a scar on my t-shirt on my neck! The next day, as soon as I left the house, I went and bought a suntan lotion. 30 SPF as well. I was going to get 50 SPF, but I said I wouldn't exaggerate. First thing every morning is to ride it now.


In fact, it is necessary to moisturize the skin after a shower every day. I will write a separate article about it in the coming days. But when spring comes summer, it is important to protect the skin as well as moisturize it. This is a very important thing that most of us ignore. For example, people with darker skin think that they do not need to use creams with protection factor. The point that there is no need is very wrong. Maybe they can use lower factor creams, but they have to.

So, how should we choose sun lotion according to skin type and color? (I especially say lotion, I will also mention the difference between lotion and cream in my article about skin moisturizing). First of all, it is very important to use sun lotion from a brand you trust. For example, I use Garnier's facial cleansing products, and I trust Garnier for sun exposure. Ambre Solaire gives me confidence. Your choice may be Nivea, Hawaiian Tropic, Sebamed, La Roche Posay, Arko Nem or a completely different brand. However, you should be careful before using a brand that you do not know and have not used before. Let's come to the part of what is this SPF, how many CMBs should be used. 30 SPF lotions are ideal for daily use of white-skinned people like me. Darker skinned people may prefer 20 SPF for daily use. However, 10 or less SPF lotions don't make much sense to me.

In fact, if you wish, you can buy a single lotion from the sun lotions and use it both on your body and on your face. But brands also produce different products for the face and separate products for the body. In fact, face creams can now be sold with an SPF of 15. You can use them for your face. If you ask me, I use the lotion you see in the photo both on my body and on my face.

There is also the issue of suntan oil, which many people confuse, and when summer comes, it will be the subject of a separate article.


Text and Photograph: Sinem Çomarlı

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