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Almond Raisin Rice

Release Date: 17-10-2008
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When I look at the photo of this pilaf, I still smell the smell of curd in my nose like that miss :) You may think that I am obsessed with raisins these days, but believe me, almonds and raisins add an incredible flavor to rice pilaf...

I can't help saying it :) the boutique pastry course I've been wanting to go to for a very long time is tomorrow :) You will have to wait until tomorrow evening to tell you about my impressions and the course, for now goodbye and love to everyone...

buttered rice

Ingredients for Almond Raisin Rice Recipe

  • 2 cups of rice
  • 1 tea glass of raisins
  • Less than 1 cup of almonds
  • 2 full tablespoons of butter
  • 3 cups of boiling water
  • Salt (optionally 1,5 meat bouillon)

How to Make Almond Raisin Rice Recipe?

  1. Rice is washed in 3-4 waters and its starch is drained and cooked in a bowl full of warm water for 10-15 minutes. is held. The soaked rice is washed one last time and drained thoroughly.
  2. Butter is put in the pan and the almonds are added and roasted, when the almonds turn slightly pink, rice is added into it and the rice is continued to be roasted until it becomes grainy and translucent.
  3. Finally, the grapes and bouillon are added to the rice, mixed 1-2 times, boiling water is added and cooked on high until the top of the rice is eye-to-eye, and then on low heat until the water is absorbed.
  4. 10 min. Serve until rested.
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