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love likes Coincidences

Release Date: 01-02-2011
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I think this will be my first post for a movie in Kitchen Secrets. I was so impressed that it was impossible not to write. Maybe it will be a start for other movies, right?

We had a very nice weekend. Especially on Sunday, it was a pleasant memory for us. Last week, his latest films were in his office at Çubuklu Hayal Kahvesi, of the insect production. Love CoincidencesWe got an invitation to watch r with the film crew.

Omer Faruk Sorak The warm welcome of Mrs. İpek and her husband, the delicious and sincere breakfast they prepared for us was worth seeing.

During breakfast, we both got to know each other and "love likes CoincidencesWe chatted a lot about the movie ”.

The story is written by İpek Sorak, based on a series of coincidences that affected the lives of Ömer Bey. The chain of coincidence that started when they were born in the same hospital on the same day makes them say -what more-as they continue to tell.

Omer Faruk Sorak

A nice coincidence at the beginning of the movie is that Mr. Ömer unknowingly chooses the house where Belçim Bilgin spent her childhood while searching for a neighborhood that reflects the Ankara of the 80's and 90's for shooting.

In the film, Mehmet Günsür gives us something in the life of photographer Mehmet Turgut. In fact, Mehmet Turgut shows himself in the exhibition stage.

When breakfast was over and we were entering the hall to watch the movie, they warned us "take a napkin with you". Since we were expecting a joyful love movie in general, we said, "What is the need for a napkin, honey, but we did not let our guard down."

Good thing we didn't quit, we cried and cried as much as we had fun. The innocence of first love, two lives unaware of each other but intertwined, knitted with a chain of coincidences. It really impressed us…

There hasn't been a Turkish movie that has touched me in such a long time. The editing, the subject, the actors, the soundtracks were all beautiful.

Love Coincidences Severs on the soundrack album,

-Love Loves Coincidences by Müslüm Gürses,
-Mills by Teoman,
-Goodbye from Sebnem Ferah,
-You Will Find Love by Tanju Okan,
-Without Even Breathing From Redd,
-Ankara Wind by Ozan Ünlü,
-My Victories by Demir Demirkan
-There are pieces called Kafes by Mert Çetinkaya.

The soundtrack will be talked about as much as the movie… The movie will be released on February 4th. Do not miss this feast. It's a coincidence, maybe we'll meet in one of the movie theaters...

can't it? It's possible…

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