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20.Day Iftar Menu (2015)

Release Date: 06-07-2015
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Hello everyone,

As every year, this year, I will make suggestions for iftar for 30 days. You can create different menus by combining these recipes with different recipes you will choose from the categories.

Since the period of fasting is long and the weather is hot, make sure to drink plenty of fluids at iftar and sahur. Do not miss soup and compotes from your table to relieve your digestion.
This year, unlike other years, I will present wonderful baskets prepared by Pakmaya to 5 of my readers every week.

summer ramadan menus

Participating in this competition is very simple, all you have to do is every week kitchensecrets instagram To follow the announcements I make on my page, Pakmaya instagram page By following the page, you can enjoy your iftar table with sweet-salty delicacies you prepared with Pakmaya. #pakmayaileiftar Share on Instagram with hashtag.
20.Day Iftar Menu:
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    I want to follow your food, I see flock to my taste buds. good luck


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