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12th Day Iftar Menu 2016

Release Date: 17-06-2016
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Hello Dear Friends,

As every year, this year, I have prepared iftar menus for you to set up delicious and practical iftar tables.

Breaking your fast with one date will help balance your blood sugar. Eating quickly after a long hunger can upset your body's balance. Therefore, start iftar with a portion of soup (preferably easily digestible soups, such as vegetable soups) and then rest for 15 minutes.

Get the nutrients you need to take during the day without tiring your stomach; For example, a serving of carbohydrates (four tablespoons of pasta or a piece of pita bread) is accompanied by a serving of protein (red or white meat). Getting enough carbohydrates will give you energy. Apart from these, be careful to consume vegetable dishes that help digestion.

ramadan recipes

In addition, our competition, which will bring taste to the iftar tables and wonderful gift baskets for you, is starting.

Participating in this competition is very simple. Every week you have to To follow the announcements I made on my instagram page, Pakmaya To follow the instagram page, to enjoy your iftar table with sweet-salty delicacies you prepared with Pakmaya. #pakmayaileiftar Share on Instagram with hashtag.


12th Day Iftar Menu 2016

Milk Corn Flour Soup
Grilled Ribbon
Green Salad with Mozzarella
Accordion Potato
Pudding Biscuit Parfait

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